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A photo session was done at the bar counter of a certain restaurant.
Sakurai arrived the the photoshoot location and... Huh? He really had a very peaceful aura.
That is only to be expected. Today the subjects, with Ken of Oblivion Dust, are about the hide(X Japan) tribute album "Spirits", the event sponsored by Marilyn Manson last year "Beautiful Monsters Tour", appearing on stage together, being drinking friends(?) and such.
Those two are so un-japanese in appearance(s...sorry), maybe it's their height. When taking these pictures, there was something overwhelming about it.
And that day also, they had no make-up on, so there was a rough mood in the pictures, even though there wasn't a proper background setting, just some flowers.
After the photo session ended, I went to hear about the 'secret story' of friendship between Buck-Tick and Oblivion Dust. Ken is so funny... And Sakurai trailed along...

Mutually, what's the impression you have of each other's band?
S(Sakurai): The vocal guy is cool.

K(Ken): When I listened to the version of Doubt'99, at the beginning when he says "liar", it really stuck to my mind. I thought "Wow, with only 4 letters, it has such power! Amazing!"

That is, the mood, voice...?
K: Words can't express it. I've listened to it so many, many times on repeat(laughs). And then meeting him personally, I think he's a good person.

When you participated in the hide tribute album, it meant you had an excuse to meet.
K: Yeah, but before that, apparently there was a time we were drinking in the same place and didn't know it.

S: Ah? Yeah.

K: That time, hide was also there, and he wasn't letting me go home. He said "Ah, look, Sakurai of Buck-Tick is there!" And then I swiftly left.

S: Hm. I didn't know that(laughs).

By the way, when did Sakurai first listen to Oblivion Dust?
S: I think it was the song, 'Genkai Haretsu' of the tribute album. I knew of the band before, but I thought the song was cool, and went to listen to their original songs, that was the beginning. But I think it was a really cool choice for the tribute album.

Last year, for the "Beautiful Monsters Tour", you were both invited. Was that the first time you've seen each other's live?
S: No, there was one time before. When Imai was a guest for a Zilch event. That was the first time.

K: Yeah, this tour it was my first time seeing them. It was so fun. It was a party! A party!(laughs). I asked Acchan if he wanted to go on the Fujiyama roller coaster but he refused immediately.

(burst of laughter) What? Did you go?
K: No, no, I didn't. I thought we could go together. Because roller coasters are also not my strongest point...

S: I saw the roller coaster from my room's window, and I thought "that's an impossible height". So of course I wouldn't go by any chance.

K: But it seems like Marilyn Manson went. And he even stood on the waiting line and all...

S: Really?

There's apparently talk that Marilyn Manson was seen going into the haunted house.
S: With that appearance?

K: The monster himself walking into the haunted house?

No, he went with normal clothes, I think!(laughs)
As singers, you agree that both of you are good, and as a person, what do you think you share in common or not?
S: We're different in everything. When you look at me you may think I'm not a very emotional person. But as for the audience, I think we share the same kind.

K: The grandness of our auras is a bit different. Also, the experience and humanity we have, I think. Today also has been an ordinary meeting. We have fun together, and the topics in our conversation matches, but as people, we are completely different. Our music is also different. It's a strange thing, right? ... Our hobbies are different, because I can't understand what he likes(laughs). But, in his personality there is something charming. I wonder if it is because we are so different.

S:ˇˇYagi-san* made us meet, right? The phone call and such...

K: Ah, right, right. You see, this person wouldn't pick up the phone...

That time you both heard the sound?*
[* = unclear question?]
K: Yes. When I went to drink, again Buck-Tick were there, and when we were introduced to each other, they didn't even treat me like some stranger.

Like you were already drinking friends?
K: Buck-Tick, they like to drink for a long time, don't they! (laughs). It's like we've been out to drink together for many times before. Just because it's for so long, we haven't been drinking together for more than 10 times, if I count. We're both very busy. And, rather than meeting because we set up a day and time, we just keep running into each other at the bar. Like "Ah, is that you? Oooh!!"(laughs). Also, it's a bad habit of me, on the phone... He(Sakurai), we had planned to go for a drink, and he was saying "I'm leaving home now", he said that many times. And then I, during that time I was waiting, I became very tired and sleepy and just when he arrived I had just left(laughs). That's... That's happened some times. I think "Ah, I'm so impolite" but then I'm like "Ah, it's ok. I was so tired..."

Sakurai, he deserted you.(laughs)
S: But during that time he was waiting, he kept drinking.

K: But even now, I'm not match for these guys. They go on for like 10 hours and more drinking(laughs).

In any case, it's a long time. (laughs)
K: I think I would only be able to drink for like 5 hours if I had some kind of problem. There was a time, because of work, I went somewhere for breakfast with Imai, and it was 8 in the morning? And without warning he was like "beer!!"(laughs).

(everyone laughs)
K: There's no way they're normal. Like, you think "Hey, aren't you going to eat?"(laughs). Like, with a toast and some side snacks, just drinking a beer. I'm really no match. That time too, the Zilch guys were like "Wah, this is bad, we're going to lose..." they were worried...

"Losing" at such a thing...(laughs)
K: Those guys have also some sort of pride I can't understand! And they were already struggling with 2 or 3 cups. Our senses are different... Imai has much more strength for this. And that was because it was only breakfast...(laughs)

Normally, it's common to have a coffee or orange juice so it's refreshing and then you want to eat something, right...
S: Nah, isn't that what Imai's dinner is like?

That's a very late dinner....
S: He eats bucketwheat noodles in the morning, I think.

That... Isn't that what Sakurai eats for breakfast too?
K: I've heard of that. Him going to a noodles restaurant at 10 in the morning. I would never, ever want to do that.

Perhaps, if Ken went, he would join the club too.
S: Nah, it's no good, I think. When you go at that time, you have to keep waiting for the noodles. There are times when I dislike it too(laughs).

Finally, is there anything you wish to say to each other?
S: Let's go drinking, don't be discouraged to call me on the phone.

K: Please don't be angry at me for my rudeness. You have to give me 3 tickets. That's rude too, but these are good tickets*.
[* = an inside joke? buck-tick tickets?]

When I first saw his outward appearance, I couldn't imagine we would have such an explosive talk! That is a lesson - we can't judge others because of their appearance.
I'm sure that Sakurai also had a great time, drinking and talking with us.
Ahh, and these two, riding the Fujiyama roller coaster... I'd like to see that. Of course, they would have to be on the front seats, right?

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