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Please tell us what were your feelings when you received the offer to play at Inazuma RockFest 2009.
Sakurai: Heart beating fast, trembling, itching to do it, bursting into flames.

Imai: Did it really come?

Hide: Ooh, did it really come?

Yuta: Since we never played in Shiga Prefecture before, I was really happy.

Anii: The offer arrived°Ń! Let°«s go, let°«s go!

Please tell us your impression of Shiga Prefecture.
Sakurai: Surely, cute °∆Hikonyan°«1.

Imai: This is Inazuma, right?

Hide: Excuse me, this is only Lake Biwa°ń This time I°«ll get the first landing.

Yuta: The green and lake are beautiful here, there are many historical landmarks in this prefecture.

Anii: Ishida Mitsunari2, Lake Biwa.

If you are from Shiga Prefecture, please tell us what you recommend from Shiga. If you are not from Shiga, please tell us what you recommend from your town of origin.
Sakurai: ° Because we°«re from Gunma°ň Imori Miyuki3 and Shimonita Konnyaku4.

Imai: Thunder.

Hide: §ę§ę§ĘŇ∑≤ľ§őĹųņ≠Ņō5

Yuta: The daruma6 is famous. There°«s also no sea.

Anii: Green onions, konnyaku, daruma, Kannon Mountain, Gunma Safari Park.

Please tell us how the audience should have fun at RockFest.
Sakurai: Drink, sing, dance.

Imai: Drink, eat, dance.

Hide: Enjoy delicious beer and the delicious fresh air.

Yuta: Have fun, seeing the different bands and artists and freely have a good time.

Anii: If you like the artists and bands you see, that you didn°«t know before, it°«s a good opportunity to become a fan!

Please tell us, if you are acquaintances, what is your impression of artist Nishikawa Takanori, please also include episode.
Sakurai: He°«s a fast thinker, isn°«t he? But I also think he should be respected with kindness, he has manners. But in reality? I°«d like to eat him.

Imai: Being late for Hanami7(dashing on a bicycle), he livens up the place. That°«s impression and episode.

Hide: We were drinking and he sang °»Dress°… on karaoke. It was unique(laughs).

Yuta: I always see him with a smiling face, he is a fun person.

Anii: At the time of his debut, we had the same production. Since then I always thought he had a great voice and was a great singer.

Finally, please say a few words to your fans.
Sakurai: This time, everyone in Shiga, and Nishikawa, we truly thank you for greeting us warmly. And most of all, everyone of the fans who participate in this event, thank you, from the bottom of our heart.

Imai: Let°«s enjoy ourselves.

Hide: I was very pleased to see Shiga Prefecture ambassador, Nishikawa Takanori. Well, everyone, let°«s dance.

Yuta: I too had a lot of fun, so everyone please freely enjoy yourselves too.

Anii: We°«re still rookies, after 22 years! Please continue to support Buck-Tick!


1: Character of the city of Hikone.

2: Important historical person of the area.

3: Female talent from Gunma.

4: A gelatinous food made of a type of potato.

5: There is a custom in some families in Gunma(and some other places in Japan) for women to be the strongest authority in the household and are responsible for making every decision. The husband must obey all of his wife°«s orders. This is called §ę§ę§ĘŇ∑≤ľ, which is roughly translated as °∆Housewife ruling power°«. Hide says Gunma is a °∆woman°«s training camp for housewife°«s ruling power°«.

6: In Takasaki there is a famous Daruma Temple where daruma dolls originated and are produced.

7: Hanami is Cherry Tree viewing when the blossoms open.
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