1987-1988 Book



1966.6.16 / 178cm / 59kg / A type

Personality: Very quiet, but sometimes I can be very two-sided.

Hobbies: Going out

Likes: Guitar, pudding, sleeping, cleaning*, cup noodles, yakiniku, yakitori, night, football, television(dramas), spring and autumn, live, harajuku, the scent of a girl's hair, my parents, music(bands), touring, sweet banana juice, clothes(western style), tobacco
(* = specifically cleaning floors, sweeping, vacuum etc)

Dislikes: Snakes, marathons, swimming, caterpillars, waking up early, selfish people, when cola loses the carbonation, being late to interviews, mafia, studying, lies, rain, messy rooms, not being able to sleep in hot nights, winter, sleeping in very cold beds, adults, death, boiled egg yolk, the sound of nails scratching glass.


1965.10.21 / 174cm / 58kg / O type

Personality: Extreme. It's also said I am simple, can hide feelings well and shameless.

Hobbies: I keep a drawing diary.

Likes: Beer, asparagus salad, guitar, Oginome Youko, ties, liver and garlic dish, live, ooooohasi*, squid shiokara, tour, menthol tobacco, waking up sleepy but knowing I can sleep once more, mapodoufu, make up, when recording is finished, watermelon, Imawano Kiyoshiro's book '十年ゴム消し'、when I'm very thirsty and then I can finally drink oolong tea and my throat feels like it's stinging.
(* = ???)

Dislikes: Caterpillars, very bright rooms, when there are no seats in trains, boredom, meals without miso soup included, when staff Ojimamushi* gets fan letters, being photographed, waking up early, headaches, marathons, having to sleep even though I'm not sleepy, the scent of canned peach, authority, geography, tooth pain, liars, music lessons.
(* = mushi is 'bug', ojima is/was(?) one of their staff people at the time)


1962.8.19 / 170cm / 48kg / A type

Personality: Usually, introverted. First impression = cheerful. Crazy when playing live.

Hobbies: Buying drumsticks

Likes: Banana juice(Cafe Piazza's), baby star ramen, money, mild seven light, beatles(later period), my bed in my parents' house, playing for buck-tick, sitting under a kotatsu, double hamburger, Yazawa Eikichi, meat boiled with vegetables, television, playing the drums, watching B-T live videos, tomato juice, 'Sexual xxxxx!'

Dislikes: Pretentious people, okama*, liver dishes, pool, roppongi(doesn't suit my taste), conceited women, working on rainy days, swimming in the sea(looking at it is enough), people who are too full of themselves, auditions, enka, cleaning the kitchen, drummers who are better than me, mosquitoes, contests.
(* = males who impersonate females. it is done often in a comedic tone, there is also an implication of homosexuality but it applies mainly to cross-dressers)


1967.1. 24 / 167cm / 48kg / A type

Personality: Many people say I'm very polite and modest

Hobbies: Record collecting and appreciation, mah-jong

Likes: Sushi, rice with beef and vegetables, live, girls, tongue(dish), beer, UltraSeven, sleeping, telephone, Sakai Noriko, kittens, television, my late pet dog Kuro, Atsushi's eyes, mackerel fillets, water, cafe au lait, director tanaka, tea

Dislikes: Cockroaches, icarus seijin(ultraseven enemy), sake, disco(except Tsubaki), sour foods, men who lie to girls, math, spiders, hornets, high places, the smell of old man's hair in crowded trains, the way society thinks of "life after death", when my mother is drunk, having to take injections, ghosts, big〜 frogs, jellyfish, people who make strange faces when they look at B-T

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