1988 ARENA37C


Vertical height of your hair
Acchan: 30cm
Hide: around 20cm
Toll: 45cm
Yuta: 27cm
Imai: it's not done right now.

Do you like your current hair style?
Acchan: Yes, I'm very pleased with it. It's an old-fashioned type of haircut(when hair is down) but I like it.
Hide: Uh-huh.
Toll: Yes.
Yuta: Yes.
Imai: I like the style but the quality1 is awful.

Do you have any plans to wear your hair down, when?
Acchan: tomorrow, but...
Hide: Secret.
Toll: I haven't decided.
Yuta: ?
Imai: I'm wearing it down.

Barber shop or beauty salon?
Acchan: I cut it myself.
Hide: Barber.
Toll: Barber.
Yuta: Barber.
Imai: I cut it myself.

How many times in a month do you go to a beauty salon/barber shop?
Acchan: 0 times.
Hide: Once a year.
Toll: Something like once a year.
Yuta: Once every 1 or 2 months.
Imai: I do it myself, i don't go anywhere.

Food you like.
Acchan: Curry, stew, sushi(ebi, toro), meat.
Hide: Yakiniku, vegetables, sushi.
Toll: Too many to write.
Yuta: Too many to write.
Imai: Limes, nametake, sushi, hamburgers.

Food you dislike.
Acchan: Rakkyou, shellfish, shiitake, takenoko, liver.
Hide: none.
Toll: Liver.
Yuta: Shiitake.
Imai: Yet, at the same time, hamburgers and sausages.

Drinks you like.
Acchan: Po....... pocari.
Hide: oolong tea, but now grape fanta is my favourite.
Toll: sports drink, lemon tea.
Yuta: oolong tea.
Imai: tomato juice, 'heartland' beer, 'corona' beer.

Drinks you dislike.
Acchan: Tomato juice, japanese sake.
Hide: chinese sake.
Toll: cola.
Yuta: 1
Imai: sasuke1, marinclub1, mr.pibb1

How long are your meal times.
Acchan: Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 10 minutes
Dinner: 10 minutes.

Hide: Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 30 minutes
Dinner: 10 minutes.

Toll: Breakfast: 10 minutes
Lunch: 10 minutes
Dinner: 10 minutes.

Yuta: Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 30 minutes
Dinner: 30 minutes.

Imai: Breakfast: nothing
Lunch: 20 minutes
Dinner: 30 minutes.

What's the first thing you do when you wake up...
Acchan: Get irritated/nervous.
Hide: be absent-minded.
Toll: drink a sports drink, smoke.
Yuta: smoke.
Imai: sleep..... .. .. . .

What do you do when you're alone?
Acchan: Daydream. remember.
Hide: be absent-minded.
Toll: listen to music, read books, watch films.
Yuta: I live with Anii, I'm rarely alone.
Imai: listen to records, play guitar.

Favourite film.
Acchan: plein soleil
Hide: friday the 13th. nightmare on elm's street.
Toll: final countdown
Yuta: blade runner
Imai: strangers in paradise, freaks

Favourite book/magazine
Acchan: Arena 37C1
Hide: Arena 37C
Toll: Arena 37C
Yuta: There's too many I like. I have to remember then first.
Imai: 'Coin Locker Babies'

My hero is...
Acchan: Me
Hide: Kamen Rider, Ultraman
Toll: Shigeo Nagashima.
Yuta: Ultra-seven
Imai: no one.

Eternal idols
Acchan: none. I don't know...?
Hide: none.
Toll: crazy cats, drifters, beatles.
Yuta: NHK's Noppo-san.
Imai: none.

Sports you are good at
Acchan: Football, basketball, volleyball.
Hide: football, hurdle.
Toll: none.
Yuta: none.
Imai: none.

Sports you think are fun to watch
Acchan: none.
Hide: none.
Toll: boxing. Mike Tyson's matches, especially.
Yuta: baseball.
Imai: none.

Sports you've tried
Acchan: 50m race
Hide: golf.
Toll: baseball, ping-pong.
Imai: none

High School subjects you were good in
Acchan: Physical Ed.
Hide: I didn't really have good grades in anything, but i liked mathematics.
Toll: I only attended high school for 3 months so I don't know!!
Yuta: none.
Imai: none.

High School subjects you were bad in
Acchan: Most of them.
Hide: Japanese, social studies etc...
Toll: I only attended high school for 3 months so I don't know!!
Yuta: Maths.
Imai: Most of them.

Have you ever written a love letter~
Acchan: When I was a junior high school student. yes.
Hide: No... I think.
Toll: I have.
Yuta: nope.
Imai: no.

What happened on your first date?
Acchan: Nothing.
Hide: If I remember correctly, we went to the cinema.
Toll: I forgot.
Yuta: I went to a close school.
Imai: Train ride.

Scariest experience you've had
Acchan: Yakuza chasing me.
Hide: ? ? ?
Toll: Accident while riding train.
Yuta: I saw a ghost/entity with my classmates on a mountain cabin.
Imai: I saw a giant fish in the sea.

How many hours do you spend showering/bathing
Acchan: 20 minutes.
Hide: 20~30 minutes.
Toll: 30~40 minutes.
Yuta: Within 40 minutes.
Imai: 5~10 minutes.

Favourite shampoo brand
Acchan: ƥơTimotei
Hide: å󥷥롡Essential
Toll: Anything.
Yuta: Anything.
Imai: å󥷥롡Essential

A place where you can rest/relax.
Acchan: Hotel.
Hide: My room.
Toll: My house.
Yuta: I need to find one.
Imai: My room.

How much do you drink.
Acchan: 15 glasses of Bourbon.
Hide: Every time it's a different quantity.
Toll: I don't know.
Yuta: Until I get drunk.
Imai: Until I get drunk.

What are your weaknesses.
Acchan: My own weakness is not forgiving myself.
Hide: ?
Toll: Social anxiety.
Yuta: Crying.
Imai: Eyes, heart, neck, XXXXX...

A bad habit you'd like to fix.
Acchan: I have no habits.
Hide: I have no habits.
Toll: I have no habits.
Yuta: Ask Imai, please.
Imai: I have no habits.

Your favourite thing ever
Acchan: My voice.
Hide: Secret.
Toll: Friends.
Yuta: Won't tell.
Imai: The band is #1.

What do you wear when going to bed...
Acchan: T-shirts and underwear.
Hide: T-shirts and shorts.
Toll: T-shirts and pyjama trousers.
Yuta: T-shirts.
Imai: T-shirts. pyjama trousers. nothing. etc.

Futon or bed
Acchan: futon.
Hide: bed.
Toll: futon.
Yuta: futon but i sleep on beds usually.
Imai: futon.

What do you think about before sleeping
Acchan: what happened during the day, what will happen tomorrow, fun things, sad things.
Hide: nothing, i sleep fast.
Toll: nothing.
Yuta: not telling.
Imai: various things. imagination. crazy thoughts.

What are the best things in this world
Acchan: se, dru & rock.
Hide: being tired and then resting on a futon.
Toll: se, dru & rock.
Yuta: live! live! live!
Imai: concerts.

What's the first thing you notice in a woman
Acchan: eyes.
Hide: eyes and face.
Toll: face.
Yuta: heart.
Imai: eyes.

What's your ideal type of woman
Acchan: a kind, responsible and humble person.
Hide: someone who's not pretentious.
Toll: models.
Yuta: A kind and lovely personality.
Imai: none in particular.

What's a type of woman you can't stand
Acchan: shameless person - someone who is excessively beautiful.
Hide: pretentious girls.
Toll: girls who act like men.
Yuta: snobby girls.
Imai: otaku/nerd type ones.

Where would you like to visit.
Acchan: I'd like to see the Sphynx in Egypt.
Hide: Switzerland (I adore "Heidi, girl of the Alps"15)
Toll: "Spring Harbour"
Yuta: India (the beatles went to india).
Imai: London, Egypt, Asia

Where would you like to visit in Japan.
Acchan: Anywhere with beautiful scenery.
Hide: Tokyo Disneyland
Toll: Karuizawa
Yuta: Tour locations
Imai: Nothing in particular.

What kind of fan gift you like the most?
Acchan: Clothes, records.
Hide: Clothes, letters etc.
Toll: Nice things.
Yuta: Anything is excellent.
Imai: Sake, clothes, fan letters, tobacco.


1: 'Quality' is that the hairstyle is too damaging and made his hair look bad. Too many products.

2: Ebi= shrimp sushi

3: Toro= tuna sushi.

4: Grilled meat.

5: A type of edible mushroom.

6: A type of chinese garlic.

7: A type of edible mushroom.

8: Bamboo dish.

9: Pocari is a type of sports drink like gatorade.

10: This a chinese drink made for athletes. Apparently it's some sort of energy drink. (discontinued)

11: 'Refreshing drink'. (discontinued)

12: Another 'refreshing drink'. It came in various colours like bright green. (discontinued)

13: Drink similar to pepsi. (discontinued?)

14: The name of the magazine that they were answering these questions for!

15: Cute animated television series.

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