TABOO album songs

Starting with the first song, Iconoclasm, there°«s the lyric °»5 For Japanese Babies°…. Is that a reference of yourselves?
Imai°ß After that, I thought °»Ah, that°«s it.°…, but it was more of something of an order, like, first, second and then fifth. When we finished recording, I heard it and then realized, °»ah, this is better°…. In the beginning, there was also a lot of small melodies within the song.

Sakurai°ß°° I had to sing this one so many times, because nothing felt like it was fitting. But then I tried singing in my normal talking voice, more like talking really. It sounded better, and then I sung it with my lowest voice and that was perfect. I think it°«s proper for the eerie atmosphere.

About the lyrics of Tokyo, did you write them in London?
S°ß°°Yes, I wrote the entire lyrics over there.

I°ß It°«s a minor song, but since we didn°«t have a song like it, we recorded it. We wanted to do a song with this beat and a °∆whoosh°« kind of sound.

Sex For You has some quite direct lyrics. How did that come about?
S°ß°°The tune has a °∆lonely°« feel, and the lyrics, I put them like this: they°«re beyond indecent, but they turn to have a empty and vain feeling. You can read them and only notice that they°«re lewd, but there°«s more to the song, The melody is odd and we also went for a retro impression. I wrote the lyrics while listening to the unfinished version.

Why is °∆embryo°« the subject theme for Embryo?
S°ß°°I think it°«s rather interesting, a person having another person developing inside them. I think this will be a good one to play in the lives, it will shine.

J is about Jack the Ripper, right?
I°ß At first, I was going to write something about a double personality, but just then, I watched °∆Focus°«, a news story about Jack the Ripper. In the beginning, the song was going to have a jazz sound.

Feast Of Demoralization, I hope I read the title right. What was the inspiration for it?
Toll°ß Well, nothing special. I guess it°«s a bit about Acchan(laughs). It°«s not about his private life, but it is because I wrote with the impression of him in mind. It°«s just something with an amusing feel to it.

The intro is very much like a movie°«s theme song.
Hide°ß The intro was going to be different at first. But we changed it because it was too straight-forward. At the time of recording, everyone thought about what it could be.

Angelic Conversation is also another very different song.
Yuta°ß°°We were going for something majestic(laughs). This time we added in a C melody with synthesizers. It°«s a strange song, but I don°«t know how its development will be like.

Silent Night is entirely on acoustic guitar.
S°ß°°We tried to do an impression of Christmas on this one. However, the situation is not a happy one. Wanting to kill everything that is of yourself, on a sacred night.

The album title song°«s impression, Taboo, what is it supposed to be?
S°ß°°About this song, to love someone, it°«s a sort of taboo.

But to people, loving someone is fundamental, I think.
S°ß°°That fundamentality is a type of taboo, for sure.

The last, Just One More Kiss, is the song you chose as the single.
T°ß Yeah. But I think the CD version is better.

S°ß°°Last of the 9 songs of the album, °»What should we do?°… we thought about this song. But everyone had a soft spot for this song. And no matter how much I listen to it, it°«s really good.

Y°ß I think that some people will get confused, like °»Why did you put this as the last song?°….

S°ß°°Because it is different sounding(laughs).

Because it°«s the song you recorded in Japan(laughs).
S°ß°°At the time we were making our second album, I think we all thought we wanted to make an album like this one.

But then, it did not happen. So, what do you want to do next?
S°ß The only thing I want is the Taboo tour to start soon.

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