SEVENTH HEAVEN album. Pati Pati 1988

Fragile Article
Surely of 'concept album', that is what the result of this album has become. But we never really had the intent of making an album with the theme of heaven from the beginning.
Just that, taking my lyrics, and Acchan's lyrics, coincidentally, it's a word that happens to commonly appear, building the landscape. That happened unexpectedly.
This song is the title number, waltzing 'Seventh Heaven'... It's a composition we tried to do in triple meter. Everyone was surprised with this song(laughs). But it doesn't have the intent to be a letdown... The lyrics were originally intended to be in english, but in the demo stages, Acchan did nonsense singing like "la la la..." and because that gave off a better atmosphere, we worked on it in that way. There is a Yes album called "Fragile", but regarding image, our is more the idea of "this is a fragile world"...
Something amazingly coincidental also happened when we were in the finishing stages of recording, a fan gave me a book as a present. It is a near-future science fiction book called "Fragile". This really surprised us. Was there someone spying on us who told someone about it?! Without thought, everyone said the same thing. (Imai Hisashi)

In Heaven
This is a song that was done quite fast. For the chorus and all of the arrangement, it went without many troubles. The drums have a sort of driving sensation. It's a song that's intended to be performed live, and from this album, we have already performed this particular song. (Imai Hisashi)

Before recording, I thought of writing various songs to capture the meaning of 'love song'. In relation to this song, it is a story of 'pure love'. It's a thing that many people think of a joke these days... But hasn't it happened in the past, people who committed suicide together because of their genuine love? Even though others might not approve, they might comprehend the idea of the two lovers' eternal world. Well, even though I have never gotten to that point myself, when you fall in pure love, I think it's the same feeling of being in heaven. (Sakurai Atsushi)

Capsule Tears-Plastic SyndromeIII-
About the lyrics, it has a focal point of Hans Christian Andersen's tales and Philip K. Dick's works. A story of when toy dolls come out alive at night. A soldier doll falls in love with a girl doll, but she treats him coldly. Then, when the girl doll gets thrown away, she loses her beauty, but even so, the soldier doll still likes her. That kind of story. Musically, this song was composed with a major ethnic tone, similar to traditional songs of Ireland. (Imai Hisashi)

Castle in the Air
Before, I always had the idea of "castle in the air", a castle floating in the middle of the sky.
When the song rapidly changes to its highest point, I personally think it's very fitting for the idea of 'castle in the sky'. However, until it was completed, we changed the melodies many times, and changing the arrangement was also hard work. I recognize negatively that, in the case of thinking of it in a near future way, I think it turned out to be too mushy. (Imai Hisashi)

Oriental Love Story
This is a type of song we hadn't tried out until now, and it was always in my thoughts, a lot. The lead is very melodious but it's a lead that seizes the human emotions. Even when I was playing, I felt a bizarre sense like I wasn't playing. In the arrangement, the number of sounds are small, but it gives the sensation that there is a widening of space. This is the only song in this album where Yuta plays the fretless bass, it gives the song a taste of calmness when merged to the music. (Imai Hisashi)

The melody itself is enough to convey the emotions, so I tried to sing in an uninterested way. The lyrics too, more than writing a realistic scene, I wrote them more like recollections of photographs or images playing in my mind. In the lyrics, there is a section that says "A blurred girl with wet eyes, inside an old watercolor picture". Isn't static love, but overflowing with emotion, a very oriental or japanese kind of imagery? That's why the song has the word 'oriental' in the name. (Sakurai Atsushi)

Physical Neurose
Musically, this is just us playing around. It's a pop composition in B scale, with some scornful tones. That's why there is a radio tone effect. The time too is very particular, for my composition, being at a 2 minute and 40 second mark(laughs). As for the lyrics, I wanted to convey a sense of danger in the end of century, but even though I don't like songs with a straight message, here I paradoxically wrote it that way, in a dark humor style. (Imai Hisashi)

Desperate Girl
This is a gem of this album(laughs). Because it is Hide's song, I'll leave the explanation to him. (Imai Hisashi)

I hadn't written a song for a long time. On the contrary, when the band started, I did write some here and there. Then, when I was on the studio playing the guitar without too much attention, I came up with a few interesting tunes. Well, I worked the finishing touches with Imai. Replacing the half bar may make it a little strange. Basically, it's orthodox rock. (Hoshino Hidehiko)

On the opposite of Hide's song, I was requested to try and write sorrowful lyrics. The nuance of the title is 'desperation'. Without thinking of what is 'love', a boy and girl live together with a feeling of inertia. She is crying all night long but he can only stare at her in a daze... That sort of situation. But, there's not doubt even that can be a form of love... (Sakurai Atsushi)

Victims of Love
This is a medium tempo piece, where the bass is the lead of the song. With a cutting pattern and melody together, it makes for an arrangement that builds up in a menacing way. The combination of the rhythm group and two guitars also make it a grandiose piece. (Imai Hisashi)

This is a perverted song(laughs). More than "SexualXXXXX!"(laughs). Or maybe, it is beyond perversion, a dangerous world of only two lovers. They love each other in a carnal way, but don't see each other as partners in an emotional way. As they love each other in the darkness, more and more they fall into a world where only they exist. Transcending the end, maybe. The title has the meaning of "victims of love" or maybe "sacrifice of love". I want to perform this song soon in a very perverted way(laughs). (Sakurai Atsushi)

This song already had an original form in the early days. So we remade it in a new manner. Truth is, the melody for this song came to me in a dream. It may sound strange, but it was a dream set in the place where we filmed the video for "Illusion", and there was actor Tachi Hiroshi with a guitar, singing it(laughs). But, it was so good that even in the dream I thought "Ah, what he is singing is so cool, but since it is a dream, this is my song, so I must wake up to write it down!"(laughs). Soon I woke up and started to note the chords right away(laughs). (Imai Hisashi)

I was surprised when I realized that both Imai and I had coincidentally written the same idea for the lyrics. Right after a man has died, he is telling his lover a last good bye. But, in the future, transcending time and space, he will be able to meet his lover again and they will fly together and hold each other. As souls in heaven, they meet again, it's a song that conveys that kind of big love. (Sakurai Atsushi)

Seventh Heaven
It's is not only about nuclear warfare, but it has some of Hirose Takashi's "Dangerous Stories - Chernobyl and Japan's Destiny" in it. Meaning many things, such as many considerable dangers that can come to us... Like, before we know it, something big could happen and swallow us up in death. But, before it happens, you want to say what you really feel to the person you love. It's that kind of song. The expression "Seventh Heaven" means a very high place without any wars or painful, sad things. (Imai Hisashi)

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