1988 PLUM


I think the roughness of their live shows is of course, very fascinating, even so, the sexy part of it is also a charming point of this band. For this month's issue I think it would be a good idea to hear from the about the word SEXY.
First of all, what type of man do you think is sexy?
٣գԣ Hm, guys who look stylish, talk in a stylish way and have shiny eyes(laughs). I think there are a lot of guys like that(laughs). In photographs or on tv, when you can see a stylish aura around them, a mood.

Male artists you consider sexy?
٣գԣWell, I wonder, how can men like David Bowie not be sexy(laughs)? But to me, Bruce Springsteen is not very sexy at all(laughs).

Anii, are you aware of sexiness?
ΣɣɡI dont think so.

Do you think SEXY is what a band like Buck-Tick has?
ΣɣɡI think that is true more for Acchan and Imai. I don't think I am a type of sexy person.

Well, what kind of man you consider sexy?
ΣɣɡIm not very sure, wouldn't that be like a person who girls look at and think "I would like to have sex with that person"? (laughs)

Like in womens magazines, when there are things like Men Id like to sleep with and so on(laughs). You said you think you're not a sexy person, but there are absolutely people who go to your lives and think that your seriousness while playing drums is sexy.
٣գԣ Yeah, weve seen people like that, I think. There are people who do think that Im sexy, arent there? (laughs)

ΣɣɡIt's the both extremes. Before you said about David Bowie but of course there will be people who think Bruce Springsteen is sexy. But actually, I think people who are not interested in make-up or reject fashion in all ways can't be really considered sexy.

ȣɣģš Me too, Im not very conscious of sexy either. More than putting on make up to look sexy I want to look pretty.

Before you get on stage, or stand behind a camera, do you think you change? From the real you to a another you, by putting make-up on?
ȣɣģš Yeah, theres somewhat of that. But I feel it's more to understand myself.

For a band such as BUCK-TICK, do you think being sexy is something necessary?
ȣɣģš I think we need it a little. I think Acchan has that kind of component. I never thought about things like I must be sexy on my own part. I leave that to Acchan(laughs).

So, Sakurai-san, whats your own definition of sexy?
ӣˣգңɡ A manly type of guy, someone who has a masculine glamour. But also, guys with a feminine-like style can be appealing too, I think. But, if someone is confident enough, other people who see them will naturally perceive something more. I think that can be sexy too.

Do you have a goal when performing or appearing in pictures?
ӣˣգңɡ People have each a different taste. Some people say wearing make-up is gross. In my case, when going on stage and other things, cosmetics are a way to disguise myself. In this way, I dont feel that I am living a single life. The me on stage is not the same me outside it. I think thats one of the coolest things, and it's better yet if sexiness shows through that. And sexy is just not limited to women, because when I do this I also want guys to think that I'm cool.

As for TV appearances, Imai and Sakurai have this sexy stage relationship, something we rarely ever see on other band live shows. In that way, is this play calculated?
ӣˣգңɡ Well, I think for the TV appearances, to me it's something that doesn't do any harm or good. Id just like to give people a big impact with it. For some people it may make them feel thrilled, they can get excited. But on the other side, it may even give other people nausea. I dont really care what they are going to think.

However, there are the people who would do it and people who wouldnt. But to you, its more like showing a sexy side to the audience, making them feel more aware of sexy.
ӣˣգңɡ Yeah, thats right. That is how I think of it, sexy is a fascinating thing.

Often, in B-T songs, there are parts with a lot of sighs. Did you receive this influence from someone?
ӣˣգңɡ Well, I had to find my own style. I just look foolish trying to be someones copy-cat(laughs). While we are recording, I always try to sing in many different ways, so I can find what is perfect for each song.

Is there a singer you listen to and think, This persons voice is sexy?
ӣˣգңɡ I think singers like David Bowie, Iggy Pop and Peter Murphy and the vocalist of the Psychedelic Furs have something in common. I like their singing tones and voice qualities.

Not only the voice, but their smooth way of singing is also quite charming. Also, when you are on stage, and ask the audience, Everyone sing together, thats really exciting. Your stage presence has to be quite sexy too.
ӣˣգңɡ Im not sure about my own stage presence. But the sexy element is surely a plus. But Im also aware I might get called things like dodgy or odd.

Imai-kun, whats your definition of sexy?
ɣͣɡI too, would say that there is a type of feminine sexiness and masculine sexiness. David Byrne, Peter Murphy are more of masculine type beauty. Boy George would be a feminine-like beauty. But, myself, personally, I am aware of my own type, its more like a freaky, mad type(laughs). Id like to add more elements like these to myself.

For what you are on stage, and as for make-up, in what way are you conscious of it?
ɣͣɡWhen we were photographing for the new album, I thought the person who did our make-up did mine really well, and it was always something I was thinking of, so I tried doing it myself. It was even fun(laughs). I think make-up lets you enjoy yourself more.

Regarding overseas musicians. Arent Boy George, and Dead Or Alives Pete Burns, said to be bisexual? Speaking in that sense, do you think japanese musicians sexiness is different?
ӣˣգңɡ Some time ago I said to myself, You can be different on stage, but even so I continue to be habitual. In everyday life, I am proud mine isnt boring. I am interested in all sorts of things. If I were bisexual, or if at one point I wanted others to see myself as bisexual, I would surely express myself that way.

Well then, next. What kind of woman you think is sexy in the eyes of a man?
٣գԣ Um. I don't really have a defined thought of "Ah, this is a sexy appearance".

So, for Yuta-kun, a womans sexiness isnt very important.
٣գԣ I guess you can put it in that way(laughs).

Anii, in what way is a woman sexy?
ΣɣɡDefinitely it is in their presence. A nice voice too. It's said that Marilyn Monroes voice was very sexy, wasnt it? Well then, their eyes would be an important point too(laughs). And finally, their style(laughs).

So are you aware of a womans sexiness? You know, you can point it out.
ΣɣɡI think it's a good thing if women are more of the erotic side. Recently, Im completely devoted to Sugimoto Aya(laughs).

٣գԣ Where are you trying to go, saying that? (laughs)

From Hide-kuns point of view, do women need sexiness? Or it isn't?
ȣɣģš I dont think they need too much of it. Im not too aware of it. However, gestures, body type(laughs) and other things Im not too sure(laughs).

٣գԣ Its so difficult to answer this

ӣˣգңɡ I think it's better if it's spontaneous, like, out of nowhere.

As in someone who is not erotic all the time.
ӣˣգңɡ I think thats good, once in a while(laughs).Boundaries are good(laughs).

ΣɣɡA different thing every day, like the menu of the day(laughs).

ӣˣգңɡ Okay, but seriously, sexiness is something the person is not aware of, it's quite a natural thing... It's not like you just look at someone and say "Look at that person, they're so damn sexy!". But sometimes, at night, that's a good thing to happen. (laughs).

At night?!
(All members laugh)
ӣˣգңɡ Ok, sometimes it's good in the morning too(laughs).

(All members laugh)

Well, next. What about Imai-kun?
ɣͣɡI think its nice if a woman has sexiness. But if shes sexy all days of the year, then its too much for me(laughs).

What part of a woman do you think is sexy?
ɣͣɡWell, I think it's a good thing when she is sexy but doesn't notice it. Well, her behaviour, and parts(laughs).
٣գԣ Parts? ! (laughs)


Your name
S: A-

I: Imai Hisashi

H: Hoshino Hidehiko

Y: Higuchi Yutaka

A: Yagami Toll

Birth date and age
S: 1966.3.7

I: 40.10.21 22

H: 1966.6.16

Y: 42.1.24

A: 1962.8.19 26

Place of birth and something characteristic of it
S: Gunma, there's various men*.
* famous men? he is strictly talking about men but does not specify anything else.

I: Gunma, there's a UNY*.
* supermarket company

H: Gunmahill temples.

Y: Gunma, Takasaki. Daruma doll

A: Gunma, Takasaki. Boowy, daruma doll, 2 giant statues

What kind of boy were you
S: Very obedient, introverted, reserved, dark personality

I: hehehehe

H: An ordinary boy

Y: Annoying kid

A:prominent (illegible)

A reason that made you start music
S: I thought to be cool, I would start liking music

I: YMO and RC Sucession etc

H: ?

Y: Meeting Imai-kun!

A: Brother's death

Favorite material
S: None

I: P-project guitar

H: Fernandes telecaster

Y: Spector Bass
Trace Elliot Amp

A: Pearl set

Other hobbies
S: None

I: None

H: None

Y: None

A: Reading comics

Favorite place to be
S: Somewhere I can observe the night sky. A quiet place.

I: My room, Harajuku and a place where is not too crowded.

H: My room, Harajuku, Shibuya, Gunma

Y: Now, I'm still searching for it.

A: Gunma

Food you like, food you dislike
S: Like: Sushi, curry, salad, omelette
Dislike: Shellfish, takenoko, eel

I: Like: Anything, curry, salads, mabodofu, hamburgers, sushi, fried eggs, beer, tsukemono etc...
Dislike: nothing.

H: Likes: Meat, vegetables, duck etc...
Dislikes: Nothing in particular

Y: Likes: Vegetables
Dislikes: ?

A: Likes: Udon, ramen
Dislikes: Liver meat

Drink and tobacco brand you like
S: Wild Turkey, Caster, I. W. Harper 12 year

I: Corona beer, Heartland beer, bourbon, sake.

H: Drink: Beer, bourbon
Tobacco: Sometime Light - Menthol

Y: I like any type of drink(I'm weak). Tobacco is Seven Star.

A: Drink: Beer, ubrwka, Bourbon
Tobacco: Mild Seven Light

Sports you are good at
S: Football, volley, basketball, tennis, dodgeball, table tennis

I: none

H: Football

Y: Nothing in particular

A: Table tennis, baseball

Type of fashion you like
S: Long coats, boots, jodhpurs, flattering outfits

I: Various, suits, ties, skirts, nothing

H: Anything I feel like.

Y: If it's black, anything!

A: Military style

Artists you like
S: david bowie, peter murphy (bauhaus), marc bolan, (illegible), ɹ(himuro kyousuke), ë(izumiya sigeru), many many...

I: rc, ymo, the cure, bauhaus, ultravox, kraftwerk, love & rockets, klaus nomi, john lydon, boy george etc

H: the cure, love & rockets, bauhaus, sex pistols, ultravox, virginia astley, the beatles, talking heads etc...

Y: Too many, there's too many.

A: ccr, boz scaggs, yuming,sudou kaharu, beatles, sex pistols, paul anka, carol.
buck-tick is the band i like best in all the world.

A car you wish to buy
S: Lamborghini Countach

I: I don't have a license

H: New Member car

Y: I want a license.

A: Ferrari

Something you collect
S: Nothing

I: Nothing

H: Nothing

Y: Nothing in particular.

A: Cut hair (lie!)

The part you like most in your body
S: Eyes

I: (scribble)

H: None

Y: Nose and silhouette

A: Ankles

The happiest thing that happened to you
S: Recording music, going on stage, performing

I: I forgot.

H: There's so many to write.

Y: "Could this be, our major debut?!" But there are many more things I think.

A: First time going on tour

The saddest thing that that happened to you
S: Father's death

I: I forgot.

H: Death of a good high school friend.

Y: Elder brother's death

A: Brother's death

The most embarrassing thing that happened to you
S: Will not say.

I: I was seen together with Yuta at (illegible).

H: Will not say.

Y: Falling down at a public place.

A: Every day something embarrassing happens.

Memories of your first time
S: none Too many feelings!

I: It happened.

H: Sleeping, that was... Won't write more than that...

Y: Won't say.

A: None.

An example of something you do that you think is cool
S: B-T on stage, magazines, records, tv

I: Living is funny, interesting and cool.

H: Anything I do I'm serious about...

Y: Band.

A: Buck-Tick

An example of an ideal date
S: Spinning around the universe

I: Food beer bourbon let's go to bed

H: None

Y: Won't say.

A: I don't know!

What is your role other than Buck-Tick's music
S:Influence others

I: Drink

H: I wonder what?

Y: Entertain!

A: Yuta's brother

Gifts that make you happy
S: Clothes - records - books

I: Clothes, drinks, Tobacco(Salem), fan letters

H: Clothes, (illegible), fan letters etc...

Y: Clothes, hats

A: Clothes

Your dream
S: Not a reality, things, places, things that could be done, things i'd like to do

I: Buck-Tick

H: Travel the worldon tour.

Y: My dream is too big to write here!

A: First, be the number one in Japan.

Your thoughts about Buck-Tick
S: Very cool, I love them.

I: Highest quality band.

H: Cool

Y: Stylish live band!!

A: A great band

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