1988 ???

We dont know what our future will be like, I have no idea what mine will be like either. We hope for BUCK-TICK to continue changing. As for Sakurai and Imai, I wonder what they think about their future.

Please tell us what are your thoughts on the future.
ɣͣɡFor the band, the ideal for us is always to be active. Apart from us, sometimes other people want to offer us songs.

Apart from us, that is?
ɣͣɡSomeone could write a song for us, but the persons image wouldnt fit with us. When I write songs or lyrics, its as if like its stained. Ill persistently want to write B-T-like songs. As a matter of fact, some time ago I wrote a song for (Kaneko Mika)*. For reference, I was given a tape of that song, and to this day I havent listened to it, because unintentionally, it reflects my and B-Ts image.

You are stuck with B-T.
ɣͣɡYeah. I have this strong awareness that I am Imai Hisashi of BUCK-TICK.

That was your first time writing a song for someone else, right? What does it feel like?
ɣͣɡI was completely happy(laughs). After the song was completed, I listened to it and thought Kaneko-sans way of singing was excellent. Eh?! That person did this song? I think is an amusing reaction from people who listen to it.

Sakurais future is?
ӣˣգңɡ If you asked me this 1, 2 years ahead or even 5 years, 10 years ahead, the answer would be I dont know.

What about 1 or 2 years ahead?
ӣˣգңɡ With my current state, I wish B-T to become better as a band, to achieve something better than what is now. I think what we do now has a direct connection to what we want to do.

Could you explain this better state to us in a more specific way?
ӣˣգңɡ Have more people come see us at lives, get more people to listen to the album, etc. Be in a better shape than our current situation. Its not doing anything special, its just us doing what we always did.

Have you, as a guitarist, ever had the desire to become the singer?
ɣͣɡI dont think I have enough stage presence for it.

ӣˣգңɡ Yeah, its the presence. I feel satisfied being the singer. When I think the way I sing a song isnt very good, it makes me want to disappear. But its more than that. No matter how many times I sing, the less I agree with it. Maybe Ill be still saying this when I turn 40(laughs).

With Imai-kun composing a song for another person, have you thought about writing a song, outside of B-T, for another person?
ӣˣգңɡ I dont think it would be possible for me to write someone else a song, because I have never thought about it. The lyrics I chose to sing are good with me singing them. These words are born from me, my image. I dont think I would want other person singing them. If I had to write a song for another person, I dont think I would be able the choose words that fit their image, for them. Because Im not skilful(laughs).

(Scan cut off most of this question) () Is it necessary?
ɣͣɡI think sensibility is a difficult thing, everyone has a different way to perceive things. Everyone has a different taste. Some people may perfectly like a song, but others may not stand it. I pay attention to peoples different reactions, and I also try to polish my own sensibility. Even so, you have to believe in what you do, no matter what is said of it.

ӣˣգңɡ When you write lyrics, if in a certain part is vague, it troubles me. Its not just singing a set of combined words, I dont want to sing something I dont understand. Eventually, it is a world of self-satisfaction. Someone could say, I dont understand your lyrics, but I could say, I like these lyrics. I want to do whats the most important first.

Do you have any insecurities about the future?
ӣˣգңɡ If I start to think about it now, there are endless insecurities. I think about things like, what would be good to do, if we should move on from our current way, etc. Choosing whether or not to run up the rail. Some people have been helping us, but theres still some way to go before we are accepted by the public. Theres really no end to these thoughts. I try to evaluate, Are these good thoughts?, but there is no response from my mind. Recently, Ive been thinking about that.

In short, its certain?
ӣˣգңɡ In a way, yeah. But Im also sure that some of these thoughts are breaking through. Even if these feelings will always be near me. If I change, what I see changes too.

The album is at No.1, and the number of live audience has increased. But with that, similar sounding bands have increased too.
ӣˣգңɡ Im concerned, but I think theyre not nearly as good as B-T. Not only for the looks or technical aspects, but theyll never become us. Regardless of anything, Im not one who should decide what people can or cannot do(laughs).

For B-T, from now on, what is something you are not willing to give up?
ɣͣɡSurprising people. Absolutely, The stage presence and musical atmosphere of each of us in the band. I dont want to give up on ourselves. The way 5 cool people gathered together to be a band.

Dont you think you are cool enough?
ɣͣɡ Thanks. (laughs).

ӣˣգңɡ Well, I still dont know that myself. Yes, I dont know at all. I dont thats either good or bad, I havent thought about it. Having confidence in yourself at a time, is different when it comes to the future or the near future, I dont know how much is needed. I always have this feeling that tells me to believe in B-T and in me, and that people believe in us. I dont want to ever forget these feelings, its the most important thing for me, now.

ɣͣɡWed like to have people think we are cool, since we dont have a cool standard now.

At the time when you formed B-T, how long did you have to wait ahead for you to do what you expected?
ɣͣɡI always thought I would like to do this during my whole life, so I want to keep going.

ӣˣգңɡ When I was the drummer, I never thought about that (laughs), but when I became the singer, started to pay more attention to the band stuff.

ɣͣɡSuch a self-centered guy (laughs).

Have these expectations progressed since then?
ɣͣɡMaybe I should say its as expected. I think its good if we turn to be more individualistic. Like, if we all get confident enough for each of us to make a solo album.

Was writing the song for Kaneko-san a first step?
ɣͣɡIndeed (laughs).

ӣˣգңɡ Without any compromise, only doing it as practise, its a very simple thing. After all, I dont want to forget my original intention. Also, if we want to express something directly, originality is more appealing, and we would just keep doing what we do.

ɣͣɡSo far, I dont think Ive been doing all I want to do yet. This sort of awareness has been growing stronger.

Do you think you have an idol-ish perception?
ɣͣɡPeople can say we have this and that around us, but we wont ever change our style. For example, if were on teen magazines, I wont be doing a smiling face, Id be myself, the way I am. Id like to end the whole thing so-called rock bands have or not have to do.

ӣˣգңɡ Were confident about things like our image and style, and we want to do what is unconventional, sensational. Well always want to be an outrageous band.

Please tell us what youll do in the near future.
ɣͣɡWere going to London in September, to make a cool album. Thats a fact(laughs).

ӣˣգңɡ Were stubborn. Were unusual, stylish and BUCK-TICK-ish guys (laughs).


* The song Imai composed for her is ֻŨ, from the album KICK, released in 1988.
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