1989 ROCK IT!


Now, what are your top 3 CDs/Artists?
SAKURAI: Cocteau Twins, Ryuichi Sakamoto, This Mortal Coil.

IMAI: This Mortal Coil, Dalis Car - 'Dalis Car', Tom Waits.

HIDE: Maxi Priest - 'Maxi', Love and Rockets - 'Sorted Sample', Love and Rockets - 'Love and Rockets'.

YUTA: the Dukes of Stratosphear , Beatles - 'Magical Mystery Tour', XTC - 'Black Sea'.

TOLL: Gilbert O'Sullivan, Yoshida Minako - 'Flapper', Yuming Brand

Your top 3 idols during your teenage years
S: David Bowie, John Lennon

I: YMO, RC Succession, the Stalin

H: Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Meiko Nakahara

Y: Beatles, Sex Pistols, The Knack

T: Sex Pistols, KISS, Beatles

Most memorable B-T song(good or bad)
S: (no answer)

I: 'Secret Reaction', 'Just one more Kiss', new songs.

H: All songs.

Y: 'Moon Light'

T: 'To Search'

Place where you write lyrics/compose
S: My room, studio.

I: At home.

H: My room.

Y: In the futon?

T: I wrote my first lyrics during the London recording.

What do you drink during a live?
S: Water

I: Water

H: Water or sports drink.

Y: Water

T: Sports drink.

After the band's major debut, who was happiest?
S: Hide was always making me laugh.

I: I forgot.

H: I don't know because everyone is always laughing.

Y: I don't really remember.

T: We laugh a lot every day.

What do you do on your spare time during a tour, and what do you do after a live?
S: On my spare time I do my hair. After a live I sleep.

I: Visit local book stores, look for records, drink, sleep.

H: Drink and sleep. Sometimes I play billiards.

Y: Take a walk around town, drink.

T: (Before live) Do my hair. (After live) Eat, drink, play billiards and sleep.

Are there any accessories or a particular kind of make-up you must absolutely wear?
S: Accessories - no. Make-up - eyebrow make-up.

I: No.

H: No.

Y: No.

T: None in particular.

The background music in your room is...
S: Brian Eno, Sade, Bowie, Cocteau Twins etc.

I: Various.

H: Various.

Y: Nothing.

T: I haven't decided.

Who was part of your household?
S: Mother, brother, dog.

I: Father, mother, grandmother, aunt, brother, sister, cousin.

H: Father, mother, brother, sister.

Y: Father, sister, brother, me.

T: Father, mother, sister, brother, Yuta.

What nicknames did your family call you?
S: Atsushi, Acchan.

I: Hisashi~~~!

H: Hidehiko and Oniichan*
*: cute way to say 'older brother'.

Y: Yuta

T: Secret.

If you drink, how much do you drink?
S: Bourbon, 2/3 of a bottle.

I: Beer Sake Get drunk. Beer Bourbon Get drunk. Beer Shouchuu Get drunk.

H: Beer and bourbon, in excess...

Y: Beer. Bourbon. ubrwka. Until I get drunk.

T: Bourbon and beer. It's a different quantity each time.

Other than essential things needed to live, what else is essential for you?
S: Music, women, money.

I: Love, sex, dreams.

H: Buck-Tick

Y: (no answer)

T: love, music.

What are your plans for 1990?
S: Playing lives. events. have a great time.

I: Drink.

H: Buck-Tick lives.

Y: Buck-Tick stuff.

T: On New Year's eve I want to eat ǯۤ.

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