1990 HYP


Favourite things
HIDE: My all time favourite colour is black. The rest are white, brown, grey etc...

TOLL: Green, red, white, black... Varies with mood.

IMAI: Red, white, black.

YUTA: Black.

SAKURAI: Black, red, white.

Tobacco brand
H: SomeTime

T: Mild Seven Light

I: Salem

Y: Seven Star

S: Lucky Strike

H: Spring & Autumn.

T: Spring

I: (n/a)

Y: Spring.

S: Winter.

Time of day
H: Night

T: Daybreak

I: Midnight

Y: (n/a)

S: When I'm lost in my thoughts. When the hours are slowly flowing away...

H: Oolong tea, grape fanta, sake, beer, bourbon, whisky, cocktails etc. I can drink until I get sick. I also get cheerful when I drink.

T: Sports drink, lemon tea. Beer(Corona), bourbon, Żubrówka1 etc.

I: Tomato juice, beer(Heartland, Corona), bourbon(Four Roses, Wild Turkey)

Y: Oolong tea, sake.

S: Bourbon. I drink considerably.

H: Yakiniku2, vegetables, pudding etc.

T: Pudding, and much more...

I: Miso soup, nametake mushroom, sushi, limes, tsukemono3, tabasco, watermelon, shiokara4 etc.

Y: Vegetables, sushi etc.

S: Sushi(ebi5, toro5), soup.

H: 'Bonnie & Clyde', 'Friday the 13th'. Horror, comedy and romance drama genres.

T: 'Back To the Future', 'Final Countdown' etc.

I: 'Strangers in Paradise', 'Friday the 13th', 'Freaks' etc.

Y: 'Blade Runner'

S: 'Bonnie & Clyde', 'Plein Soleil', 'Crazy Thunder Road'

H: I don't read much, but I will pick any love romance book with a good title.

T: (n/a)

I: Murakami Ryu

Y: Still looking for one.

S: Charles Baudelaire.

H: 'Bonobono'

T: 'Comic Morning', 'Shounen Jump'

I: 'JoJo's Bizarre Adventure', 'Coin Locker Babies', 'Shounen Jump'

Y: 'Shounen Jump'

S: Oscar Wilde's "Dorian Grey"

Fashion brand
H: None in special.

T: 'La Kensington'

I: Jean Paul Gaultier(but anything is fine).

Y: (n/a)

S: Anything is good. Stylish clothes.

H: Robert Smith, Hotei Tomoyasu. 香川誠(rogue). John Lennon. Paul McCartney.

T: Beatles, KISS, Murakami Ponta, Drifters, Marilyn Monroe.

I: Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, Robert Smith, John Lydon, Boy George, Hotei Tomoyasu, Kraftwerk, Ultravox, 香川誠, Klaus Nomi.

Y: Various. Sid Vicious.

S: Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, David Bowie etc.

H: Guitarist: Daniel Ash. But there isn't someone in particular I idolize.

T: Drummer: Keith Moon(the Who), Don Brewer(Grand Funk Railroad).

I: Guitarist: Nakaido Reichi(RC Succession), Hotei Tomoyasu, Robert Smith, Daniel Ash, Steven Stevens.

Y: Bassist: Sting, Matsui Tsunematsu(BOØWY).

S: Singer: David Bowie, Peter Murphy, Iggy Pop.

H: Fujioka, Takasaki. As for foreign places, Switzerland, England and various others...

T: (n/a)

I: A quiet place. Anywhere that's not too popular.

Y: Kyoto.

S: Kyoto.

H: During school I played football. Because I couldn't run very well, I was the goal keeper. I'd like to have a go at golf now.

T: Boxing(to watch). Baseball. Ping-pong.

I: No interest. In high school I played rugby.

Y: Baseball. To play and watch.

S: Football, basketball, volleyball.

H: None.

T: Liver.

I: Not many things in particular. Hamburgers and sausages.

Y: Shiitake mushrooms.

S: Shellfish, rakkyou6, shiitake mushrooms, takenoko7, liver, eggplant.

H: Shaoxingjiu8.

T: Cola.

I: Marinclub9.

Y: 維力10.

S: (n/a)

H: Unhelpful people.

T: Bullies, murderers.

I: Liars.

Y: Scammers.

S: People who despise others, cowards, sneaky old foxes.

H: Culinary license(My cooking may not be very good, though)
Driving license.

T: Driving license.

I: None.

Y: None.

S: Driving license.

School subjects you did good in
H: Physical education, mathematics

T: I only attended high school for 3 months. I don't know.

I: None

Y: Social studies

S: Physical education

School subjects you did bad in
H: Japanese, history

T: (n/a)

I: All

Y: Mathematics

S: Almost all

Previous jobs
H: (n/a)

T: Rebar engineer, before moving to Tokyo I had various other jobs.

I: Kozou Sushi

Y: (n/a)

S: (n/a)

A comforting/relaxing place
H: My room.

T: My room.

I: My room, temple.

Y: Home.

S: Bed.

How you spend your day off
H: Relax, go shopping, listen to records.

T: Do nothing, read books, watch videos, listen to records.

I: Go shopping, listen to records, play guitar.

Y: Listen to records, relax.

S: I often lock myself up at home and daydream. Rarely, I go for a drink or go shopping.

A thing you want
H: Time.

T: Happiness.

I: (n/a)

Y: Various(studio gear etc).

S: Time.

Bad habits
H: Doing nothing for minutes after I wake up, being drowsy when I sleep.

T: Smoking after waking up.

I: (n/a)

Y: Smoking after waking up. Not eating breakfast. Drinking water before sleeping. Sleeping on my left side. Biting on the bass pick.

S: Smoking after waking up.

Gifts that make you happy
H: Fan letters, tobacco, clothes.

T: Tobacco, pudding and anything useful.

I: Clothes, tobacco, letters, cosmetics etc.

Y: Thoughtful gifts. Anything given from the heart.

S: Doesn't really matter, everything makes me happy.

Fashion preferences
H: Rough looking clothes.

T: I like black outfits. Anything stylish.

I: Suits, ties, skirts, boots, leather jackets. I hate pastel colours.

Y: Black articles. But anything is ok.

S: Rough looking clothes. Anything is fine.

Favourite gambling games
H: None.

T: Not really into gambling.

I: I dislike the feeling of being too much into a game. If anything, hanafuda11.

Y: (n/a)

S: I don't gamble.

Countries you want to visit
H: (n/a)

T: (n/a)

I: Thinking about this kind of thing is so tiresome... For the time being, Egypt, I guess.

Y: (n/a)

S: Egypt, Burma, Singapore, Istanbul... There are various places I'd like to visit.

H: (n/a)

T: Social anxiety.

I: Waking up early.

Y: Crying.

S: Won't say.

Time required for make-up
H: 90 min.

T: 2 hours.

I: 90 min.

Y: Make up: around 30 min. Hair: around 45 min.

S: 30 min.

Hair maintenance
H: Once every year I go to a barber shop.

T: Once every year I go to a barber shop to get it cut.

I: I cut it myself.

Y: Once every month I go to a barber shop to get it cut.

S: I cut it myself.

Shower/bath duration
H: 20~30 min.

T: 30~40 min.

I: 5~10 min.

Y: Within 40 min.

S: Around 20 min.

Mealtime duration
H: 30 min~1 hour

T: Within 10 min.

I: 20~30 min.

Y: Around 30 min.

S: Around 10 min.

Essential things
H: Bath, futon, kotatsu12, cooler, cd player.

T: Cd player.

I: Tobacco, miso soup, music, cd player.

Y: Tobacco, toothbrush, tv, stereo.

S: Dreams.

Career choices besides B-T
H: Football player.

T: Pro golf player

I: Singer, explorer, baseball player

Y: Baseball player, teacher

S: Nothing.

First kiss
H: It was at my house.

T: I was shaking.

I: (n/a)

Y: Don't remember.

S: (n/a)

Memories of your first love
H: We went to see a film together.

T: I forgot.

I: Bike ride together>.

Y: We went on a date to a school, and went by train.

S: None.

The first thing you notice in a woman
H: Eyes and face.

T: Face.

I: Eyes.

Y: (n/a)

S: Eyes.

The type of woman you're attracted to
H: Someone who is not arrogant, someone who is modest.

T: Models.

I: Someone who shows her true character.

Y: A gentle, nice and lovable person.

S: Gentle character, cute types.

A type of woman you dislike
H: Arrogant people.

T: Girls who act like men.

I: Strange girls.

Y: Snobbish girls.

S: Shameless, cheaters, liars.

Ideal house
H: (n/a)

T: A peaceful house.

I: Haven't thought about it, but a spacious house is nice.

Y: A big house.

S: A castle with a view of the sea.

What sort of father do you think you'll be
H: (n/a)

T: I'll lead my kids to become musicians themselves.

I: Haven't thought about it.

Y: Overprotective.

S: (n/a)

Age you had your first alcoholic drink
H: (n/a)

T: I forgot.

I: 16/17

Y: Middle school, I drank a coke highball13 and it made me feel sick.

S: Elementary school, beer.

What happens when you are drunk
H: I get very cheerful.

T: I can persuade people better.

I: I get very cheerful.

Y: (n/a)

S: I get very cheerful, but sometimes I cry a little.

Your personality
H: I don't understand myself very well.

T:  I'm not sure, but I don't think I'm selfish or need things done my way. Maybe a little lazy.

I: I'm not pleased with my own presence. Sometimes my actions might be a bit extreme. I'm influenced by positive things. I tend to isolate myself at home. Maybe I'm funny, if anything.

Y: I think I'm sensitive. Naturally, I like to help and care for people. It's often said I'm a humble guy.

S: I think I can be very egoist. Also, I sometimes only pay attention to bad things. I can be a show-off too, I want to be noticed. And indecisive too. When I was a child I was an introvert. I watched TV all the time. I have a short temper, it's not hard to notice. In short, I am very awkward.

First bought record
H: Pink Lady - 'Pepper 警部'

T: Beatles - 'Let It Be'

I: Sawada Kenji - '憎みきれないろくでなし'

Y: (n/a)

S: Harada Shinji - 'Feel Happy'

Good records to listen to
H: The Cure, XTC, Paul McCartney

T: XTC, Boz Scaggs、Beatles, Yuming Brand etc.

I: The Cure, YMO, Cocteau Twins, Kate Bush etc.

Y: XTC, Elvis Costello

S: Baroque music and classical music. Bauhaus, Bowie's 'Ziggy Stardust', Bryan Ferry's 'Boys and Girls' etc.

Bonus(Questions no one else answered)
Old nickname(s)
T: Karasu**

Easiest B-T song to play
I: Empty Girl


1: Polish vodka.

2: Grilled meat japanese style.

3: Pickled vegetables japanese style.

4: Salted, fermented fish guts.

5: Ebi = shrimp. Toro= tuna.

6: Chinese garlic.

7: Bamboo dish.

8: Traditional chinese wine.

9: Was a type of soft drink.

10: This was a chinese sports drink. Name pronounced as 'wheelie'.

11: Card games.

12: A table with a heater under it.

13: Liquor mixed with a soft drink of choice.

**: Karasu = raven/crow. I just wanted to keep the original.

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