1990 ROCK IT!


Things you always bring with you when touring.
£”£Ń£ň£’£“£Ń£…: CDs,°°underwear.
£…£Õ£Ń£…: A lot of underwear.
£»£…£ń£Ň: CD player and CDs.
£Ŕ£’£‘£Ń: Game-Boy, CD player.
TOLL: CD player, bathing items, underwear, socks.

What do you do to prepare yourself for a live performance?
S: drink Yunker1.
I: There isn't anything.
H: I drink sake the day before.
Y: At night, I drink sake.
T: Yunker and Regain2°Ę 24 hours of work°™°™

What is essential for recording?
S: Communication.
I: Heavy, intensive rehearsals. Writing and composition action.
H: nothing in special.
Y: Coffee.
T: Sleep, sleep, sleep and more sleep...

During a tour, how many hours do you spend rehearsing?
S: 1 hour.
I: £Ī°Ń£≤ hours.
H: £Ī hour I think°©
Y: £≤ hours.
T: £Ī hour°•

Do you have 'perfect pitch'?
S: Yes.
I: To say 'I do', is an illusion. So, I don't.
H: Somewhat, I think.
Y: °©
T: Somehow.

Your grades on music subject during school.
S: ordinary.
I: 2°•
H: 2 or 3°•
Y: Bad.
T: 1 or 2°Ębravo°™

Your favourite subject during school.
S: 'Morality'
I: Junior schoolĘš drawing and manual arts°Ęphysical education.
Middle schoolĘš none.
H: Physical ed.
Y: History
T: Taking tests

Your worst subject during school
S: All
I: All
H: Japanese
Y: Maths
T: Maths and science, OUT

Music experience when you were children
? First contact
S: Friend's house
I: Records
H: School events with drum and flute band
Y: Anii's influence
T: Radio

? Approximately, what age were you,
S: 12
I: 3
H: 10
Y: 6
T: 2nd year of school.

In your childhood, did you listen* to music as part of any kind of 'education in good taste'?
S: -----
I: No.
H: Nothing in particular.
Y: No.
T: My family members°°just really liked music.

What would be the ideal way to appear on TV?
S: Concert.
I: Live.
H: Teasing, taunting, here is one shot!!**
Y: Not appearing too much.
T: Playing more than 2 songs, during promotion period(of a new release).

Part-time jobs you had
S: Too many.
I: Kozou Sushi3(During high school, 1 year), rental video shop(Tokyo, 1 month)
H: Waiter, convenience shop(night shift)
Y: Rental video shop.
T: Game center, rental video shop.

Games you like playing
S: Not many
I: Hanafuda4°Ępachinko5, buck-tick.
H: None in special.
Y: A bit of mahjong.
T: Pachinko.

Dating experience
S: Many.
I: None.
H: I don't know.
Y: Little.
T: Went out with 999 girls, next date will be 1000th(lie).

How would you like to be featured in a magazine
S: Overseas location photo session.
I: Cover
H: Beans6
Y: Cover°™(laughs)
T: 6 features in a year, thanks.

image What are your expectations regarding your fans?
S: Do what you like.
I: Please, come see us and have fun.
H: Best regards forever. let's grow old together.
Y: Please continue encouraging us.
T: Don't take pictures of us when our hair is down!

What are your expectations regarding your staff?
S: Do what you like.
I: Best regards.
H: Best regards from now on.
Y: I want them to be the best.
T: Shareholders, please.

What are your expectations regarding cameramen?
S: Aesthetics.
I: Best regards.
H: Best regards from now on.
Y: Don't take pictures of us when our hair is down!
T: Don't distribute pirated goods to shops!

What are your expectations regarding writers(journalists)?
S: Cool.
I: Best regards.
H: Best regards from now on.
Y: Please do fun interviews.
T: Don't do interviews that offends us please.

What are your expectations regarding publishing editors?
S: I don't know.
I: Best regards.
H: Best regards from now on.
Y: Let's go drink together.
T: Front covers, please.

image Professional sports teams you support?
S: None.
I: None.
H: None in special.
Y: This year is 'Ocean'
T: I don't have one right now.

What would you like to give your fans
S: S E X
I: Make them get goosebumps.
H: Good records and excellent lives.
Y: I'd like to give them positive feelings.
T: Good CDs.

Why did you change your hairstyle?
S: Spontaneously.
I: No reason.
H: My hair looked like Snork's7 hair and then I wanted to change it, that's why.
Y: I haven't changed it since the old days.
T: regent style Ę™ mohawk Ę™ now

Have you ever shed tears on a live, when and why

S: no.
I: Always°Ę because the sweat takes off all of my makeup. It hurts, it hurts!
H: I've been deeply moved to tears various times. Seinenkan, Tokyo Dome, Shinjuku Loft etc...
Y: Tokyo Dome.
T: no.

°°You won 100 million in the lottery. What would you use it for

S: It's useless to think about that.
I: I'd buy a car for Acchan, Hide and Anii(foreign car). I wouldn't spend it on myself.
H: Car, house etc.
Y: I'd buy sake for everyone.
T: I'd buy a limousine.

What would you never do in any circumstance

S: Murder.
I: eat poop.
H: murder.
Y: run a marathon.
T: be a contest guest.

How do you deal with groupies

S: Nothing
I: That's false for B-T
H: Nothing
Y: It's fine if they chase me, but I don't want my picture taken.
T: Stalk as much as you like. But any benefit is nice!

What's the food menu after a live?

S: Katsudon£ł
I: Katsudon°Ęsake°Ępeanuts.
H: Depends on the location but there must always be rice.
Y: I never think about it.
T: Katsudon.

What things you'd like fans to throw on stage?

S: Throwing things is dangerous.
I: I don't want them to throw anything
H: That's not really nice...
Y: Don't do that.
T: Bras and panties. If you throw these, I'll wear them!!


I skipped Q1 because it asked about their instruments. It's very much a technical question, with only model names and numbers. However, if you want it I can list them. I also skipped a repetitive question about favorite drinks and a question about historical war generals because I thought it needs extended background information. But the same applies, if you want it translated anyway, please tell me.

*: The verb form used implies that someone made them do something. In this case, you can understand this as "Did someone tell you to/made you listen to music... ".

**: Probably a reference to something said on TV in the 80°Ń90's.

1: A drink which contains vitamins and caffeine.

2: Same as above.

3: Popular sushi restaurant chain with delivery services.

4: Hanafuda are cards. There are many games you can play using them.

5: Pachinko is a machine game similar to casino machine games. You can gamble and win prizes from them.

6: ???

7:Character from Moomin series.

8: Katsudon is fried pork steak on top of rice.

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