What’s your first memory about music?
IMAI: When I was 2, I touched a synthesiser key and was impressed by the sound it made.
YUTA: I went on a school trip to Matsushita Electric Industrial Company in Osaka and heard a CD there for the first time. It made me want to jump up and down.
HIDE: The sound of birds chirping.
TOLL: That click noise sound the record player needle makes when you are about to play a record. That feeling of high expectations.
ACCHAN: Watching Fuji TV. The music playing in “Pinkikki”1. Queen, the Beatles…

The color you think your instrument sound would be expressed as
I: Pure white
Y: Black
H: Black
T: Drum colour is ‘Chrome metal’. Is that it??
A: I’d like it to be various colours.

Is there a ‘condition’ to be a musician?
I: Music is a different type of profession. It should affect you and make you happy at all times.
Y: Well, I like listening to music a lot…
H: Motivation
T: I think music is my life’s vocation. I’ll do anything for this sort of work.
A: Before, I sang just like anyone else. I don’t think I could be called a musician. You have to express your individuality.

Your interpretation of 「悪の華」.
I: It’s a record for all types of people. I think it’s a charming record.
Y: It’s beauty coming from the inside.
H: This album has been completed to perfection.
T: Masterpiece of the 1990s decade.
A: As a band and individually, I’d like this record to have a very striking form. Like drinking a lot of dangerous poison…

If you could be a flower you’d be…
I: I like sunflowers.
Y: Kasumi grass2
H: None
T: I don’t know
A: It’d be a dumb joke if I said “I’ve turned into a black rose already”(laughs). Well, I like deep red roses.

Up to this moment, how many love letters have you written?
All members did not answer.

Who is the sexiest woman?
I: Yasuda Narumi
Y: Brooke Shields
H: uuuu~nnn…
T: Sugimoto Aya
A: A person with sharp features. While their looks are certainly important, they must be someone of a refined, graceful nature. “Japanese women!” I guess is what people would say.

At age 10, who were your idols?
Y: Pink Lady
H: Elvis Presley
A: COOLS、Bowie

How many phone numbers do you know?
I: 3
Y: 10
H: My house’s and my parents house’s.
T: 1
A: 6,7

If you were a woman, would you love your current self?3
I: I would。
Y: Yes. But I’d also hate a little. I’m kinda jealous.
H: I don’t know.
T: Of course!
A: Probably.

Your plans for when you get old
I: none.
Y: Haven’t thought.
H: I want to be healthy until then.
T: I want to live in peace with my children(I want a lot of them) and everyone else.
A: I don’t want to think about this yet.

Your earliest memory is…
I: Grandmother pushing me in baby carriage. Looking at the full moon.
Y: Going up a hill on my Kamen-Rider style bike.
H: A big dog bit me in the butt, and I went home crying.
T: Looking at toys in a glass box.
A: Feeling the gentle scent of my mother’s hair after she carried me on her back.

The first time you were faced with the contradictions of society
I: When I learned about dirty politicians.
Y: … what is it…
H: When I was small, my friends’ parents told them, “don’t play with that kid!”
T: When I learned about wars.
A: In daycare, when I wasn’t sleepy but they said “It’s nap time” and made me sleep against my will.

What would your family describe you as?
I: Really blunt, inferior civility.
Y: ”This kid really knows how to pay attention to others”(laugh).
H: ”My son is really dumb”
T: ”he’s doing his best!” they finally admitted recently.
A: ”he’s a nice child”, but that’s false…

10 years ago, what were you doing?
I: I was a really active child. I could be a demon sometimes and other times I would daydream a lot.
Y: I was having my first cigarette.
H: Football player(It’s been said I was the number one goal keeper).
T: Quit school and became a delinquent. But, every day, I would wake up very early to play drums.
A: Ordinary high school student. I played tennis as an after-school activity, sort of.

The word ‘Youth’. What’s your impression of it?
I: Something to enjoy all your life.
Y: Passion, love.
H: The feeling of sweating after a game.
T: Drama series with actors like Morita Kensaku and Nakamura Masatoshi. I had dreams of entering High School, and I felt a gap in me after dropping out.
A: At sunset, running to the beach!

Your favourite quote/phrase/word
I: ”Never forget your original intentions”
Y: ”Perseverance prevails.”
H: none in particular.
T: ”Fighting spirit and soul”
A: During a school trip in Kyoto, a monk told me, “People are lonely by nature. Thinking about it is useless”… “Let it be”, “Que sera, sera”.

Favourite cup noodle brand.
I: Nissin’s chili tomato.
Y: とっぱちからくさやんつき4
H: Tonkatsu flavouring.
T: I don’t like instant noodles.
A: Ordinary flavourings.

Is there a magazine you can’t wait to read or a tv show you’re looking forward to watch?
I: Shounen Jump’s “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”.
Y: Shounen Jump’s ‘Dragon Ball’ and ‘Kochikame’.
H: Nothing in particular.
T: Magazines we are featured in. Tv is “やっぱり猫が好き“5 and I check anything with Tamura Masakazu, Sugimoto Aya and Kitano Takeshi.
A: Nothing in particular.

Do you believe in fortune-telling?
I: If it’s good, then yes. If it’s bad fortune like “don’t do this!”, then I stop.
Y: I believe. The day before college exam, I drank sake and as a result, didn’t take the test. Right at that time, my fortune telling said it wasn’t right for me.
H: Only if it’s good.
T: I don’t.
A: ”Ah〜 I see…“

An impressive scary dream you had
I: Being attacked by a shark.
Y: I don’t really dream about scary things often.
H: At the time of high school, one night I went to sleep and when I laid down, I saw my grandmother sitting next to me. Was it really a dream?!
T: I forgot.
A: The first time I had sleep paralysis, a demon’s face approached me…

Something you associate with secrets is…*
I: When I was a child, people weren’t very open about their feelings. This caused me to not be very open too.
Y: Politicians.
H: Akko-chan7
T: My privacy can barely be protected these days.
A: When I was a wee little kid, I’d hide all my secrets inside a secret base in a mountain, figuratively.

If you could use a time machine once, where would you go?
I: The time when I was 3 or 4, to make sure what I was thinking about.
Y: End of Edo period. I’d like to experience the big changes of that era.
H: 1.000 or 2.000 years ago.
T: 1955, the time of Japan’s high growing economy.
A: Early Showa era. What is called ‘retro’ today.

What is something that is lacking for you at the moment?
I: Front tooth. Broke it eating pizza(laughs).
Y: Attention.
H: Ideas.
T: Luck with women.
A: Great peace.

Lastly, please do some self-promotion.
I: Best regards.
Y: I’ll do my best on the stage.
H: Please listen to the new album.
T: I’m the 27 year old drummer. I’d like to meet my future wife soon. You don’t even need to send me a picture.
A: Music conveys all of the band’s and my thoughts.


1: Name of a show.

2: Scientific name is Gypsophila.

3: “Love” here can be understood either as romantic love or as ‘Would you make love to yourself?’.

4: This is the brand name. Nothing else specified.

5: Yappari neko ga suki was a comedy drama.

6: He’s impersonating a fortune teller.

7: Animated series.

*: Question is a unclear
inserted by FC2 system