1991*92 PATI PATI


Sanity? Madness?
What will 1992 be like for B-T?
What will their fate be in 1992? These questions have already been answered by fortune-teller Mari Mihori!
She nicely answered our crew's request, and read each member's work and private fortune with tarot cards and a pendulum for divination. So, let's go.

This year your personal intentions will be very strong. However, please respect other members' individuality and cooperation, so the balance between you doesn't crumble down.

In the year of 1992, not many problems will appear to you. Just take care to not over analyse insignificant details, so you don't get stressed out.

You're clearly a 'light' person (laughs). This year you'll have fun playing bass. Even though you're still a mischievous boy, there are no problems regarding that.

Your stubborn nature will bother you. But if you take influence from your surroundings and the people around you, it's possible you'll become more flexible.

This person is very affected by the band's balance. You'll feel a powerful sense of peace this year. 1992 is the year where you'll be more aware of those who surround you.

[their private life in 1992]
Sakurai's love fortune:
Your love life will have a slight melancholic feeling, but it'll be easy to change it. If you currently have a steady girlfriend, please persevere.

Hide's travel fortune:
Your luck for travels this year is good. Especially if you have plans to visit hot springs, the results will be excellent. You'll also have no worries concerning the band's tour travels.

Yuta's personal relations fortune:
You have a gentle character that allows you to be friends with anyone. Even if in 91 you weren't in good terms with someone, in 1992 you'll regain your friendship with them. There'll be many opportunities to meet good people.

Toll's economy fortune:
1992 will not be a 'get rich quick' year. But instead, there will be the start of something this year that will help you with your savings later on. Avoid gambling or lotteries or stock market shares.

Imai's health fortune:
Try not to impose over-working on yourself. Don't follow an excessively busy schedule. Spend more time relaxing, mentally and physically.
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