ABOUT 狂った太陽

ACCHAN: Until now we wanted to make a song that had a feeling of freedom. The lyrics are about escape.

TOLL: At first this was an experiment. It felt like a different, new type of rhythm. Imai made a demo tape and when I heard it, I thought it was very catchy. We all shared the same opinion to make it as the first single. And we all had so much fun working on the song's arrangement(laughs).

YUTA: Recording this, at first was a bit hard(laughs). But eventually it turned to be uncomplicated. The rhythm really stays in your memory, Acchan's lyrics are very fitting. This song is also very pop, but it's different pop from what we were doing before.

HIDE: This is a very danceable song. The guitar backing is very nice, when I play this song on guitar, it feels like the space I'm in overflows with sound. As the opening song and first single, this is a powerful tune.

IMAI: The album and single versions have minor differences in them. Personally, I'm more pleased with the single version. This song is very Jesus Jones-esque. I liked his album and thought "I'd like to make something like this". The guitar parts are very electric-like and grinding. I liked the overall sound of this. There's a dance beat and it's very rock and roll too.

YUTA: This was after Acchan bought a car. It wasn't difficult to record. The playing pattern was very easy to follow.

ACCHAN: This is a very straightforward song. The drum pattern stays fast from beginning to end. The lyrics are a bit science fiction, and they have a galloping rhythm in them to match well with the music. Listening to it, a lot of images come to mind, such as racing machines, buildings, computers... A big city too, maybe. These things create a picture for the song. There are more, though(laughs). There are times when it is sung in a low voice and then in a few octaves higher. That is to give the song an impression of speed. I guess you could describe it as automatic too.

IMAI: This song was written with the drum pattern and the low vocals in mind. The guitar sound is meant to resemble a F-1 car engine sound. I was watching the F-1 on the control room TV and tried this effect at the same time. I think it went well.

HIDE: To me, it feels like a futuristic rock song. The rhythm session and guitar parts are all quite striking.

TOLL: The drums on this song sound very nice. The drum part was completed without any difficulties and fast〜. At first the other members thought I was just playing idly, "no, don't" but then I was just like "haha〜 understood. just let me do this".

「My Funny Valentine」TOLL: This song is different from the album's overall atmosphere. As for the drums, here they're very direct, straightforward.

ACCHAN: I think what you can hear the most here is the drum part. The guitar and bass are almost monotone sounding. Here, I sung it with my usual voice and a bit of falsetto. The song's lyrics are like a story/tale.

HIDE: Here, it was a new experiment. Trying to do some funk highlights on a typical B-T song. The song's tone is a bit unusual, but I think it sounds very refreshing.

IMAI: This song has a lively dance beat. Musically, the theme is the coexistence of B-T's dark side and a refreshing funk tone together.

YUTA: Once again, I had a hard time with the bass line, until recently. I take in consideration the album's overall tone a lot. In the old days, I'd just play for hours, but this time it was like "I'm not pleased with this!". Everyone was just very sensitive to subtleties.

「変身 (Reborn)」
TOLL: This was another easy one(laughs). This drum pattern has a bit of ska tones to it. The recording was quick, so I didn't even think too much about it(laughs). That's about it〜.

ACCHAN: Drums were completed in one go. Well, this song is mostly shouted. It's like when you feel weak and you want to break something and you just want to shout. I entrusted the voice effects to the sound engineer people and they emphasised some parts to give it a lively feel. Lyrics are just fantasy, imagining how it would be like if your shape could change.

IMAI: For this song, I imagined something earth-like. The guitar line for this is a bit complicated and even confusing. Overall, it's a really fast song.

HIDE: I worked at this song based on the bass lines. This is the first time I tried out playing with the guitar's tremolo arm effects.

YUTA: This song is very characteristic of Hide. This one was uncomplicated to play.

TOLL: There is a strong tango rhythm in this song. Also easy to play.

HIDE: At first I thought about opening this song with drums only, but then I thought about starting it with both drums and guitars. The ending was the sound of an electric cello.

IMAI: When I first listened to this, I had the impression of the feel of touching a reptile's scales. I also liked the tango tones in it. At first, we thought about using the cello sound on "Brain Whisper...". But Hide and the director decided to use it here.

YUTA: When Acchan wasn't singing this, I was. So much, I got told off, "You, get out!!", they said(laughs). I was troubled with the bass line. I'd keep getting it confused with the singing melody, instead of the song's melody. I had to pay a lot of attention to get it right.

ACCHAN: This is a twisted love song. It's about a woman's shyness. Hide's unusual arrangement and delayed guitar effects, along with Imai's synth guitar, quickly gave me the image for this song. I was very pleased with the results.

IMAI: This song is a Hide song too. The melody is mostly composed of jingling guitars. There wasn't a B-T song in this ballad style, until now.

HIDE: In this album, the songs are all very unique. Personally, I really like this one. The chord progression is rather simple, it's about 5 repetitions on 12-string guitar. During lives, I don't use the keyboard on the chorus part.

TOLL: There is no drumming until the middle of the song here. When the drumming starts, there is a reverb effect to give the song more impact. It takes a lot of skill for it, though. It's a pity if you don't have it(laughs).

YUTA: We never made a song of this type before. The 12-string guitar fits very well here. The rhythm session was added later on, it should only really be the backing here, so there's no interference with the beautiful melody.

ACCHAN: This is a sweet melody written by Hide, on the 12-string guitar. The structure is simple, but the string orchestra parts make it a very fresh song. Gradually the song changes, with the drums added in. My singing also changes during the song, it's a bit restrained at the start, but after the interlude, I just sing with all of my feelings.

ACCHAN: Just like Jupiter this is a ballad, but there's more of a gentle feel here. A very loved person passed away, that's what it's about. This a very soft song.

YUTA: I really love this song, the bass line is simple, but it does sound great with the two guitars and vocals. There's nothing I can find faults here and everyone did a great job. The solo in particular, it astounds me! I can only say this is a terrific song.

IMAI: The song's pattern is fast, I used two levels of delay on the guitar here. I wanted this song to sound a bit sorrowful, and also tried a chinese-style approach.

HIDE: There's a sense of mystery in this. The guitar sound hasn't been edited here, it's just the raw sound taken with the microphones.

TOLL: The song is quite impressive. But not the same can be said for drums. It's a simple beat and I had no problems in recording it at all. This would sound good even without drums(laughs).

「Brain Whisper, Head, Hate is Noise」
ACCHAN: There's a great number of sounds in this. There is an effect to make the vocals sound weird and shaky, and two different vocals overlap. There's fretless bass and guitars here and also electric cello. The song is very striking. I don't know about Imai's lyrics, but the songs feel very uplifting.

IMAI: The guitar part took a lot of time to record. I used fretless guitar, but it's extremely hard(laughs). I used a basic rhythm on guitar and also a sequencer to give the song an electric atmosphere. While the vocals are very pop, they're also a bit strange sounding.

HIDE: This the first song where I tried to use 12-string guitar. It was a challenge for me at first, but a good one.

YUTA: I also used the fretless bass here, and it took so long. I've used the fretless before, but this is the first time I used it completely, from beginning to end. It's a lot like a live performance(laughs). There's really a lot of sounds here. To record, it was done both in digital and analogue settings, and took something like 78 takes.

TOLL: For this I used a lot of china cymbals, in three different sizes, for a heavy sound. It was difficult to record, because of the varying rhythms, but it was fun. This is my favourite song on this album, I liked it from the demo tape stage.

ACCHAN: The structure of this song is very exact. It has a serious tone to it, somewhat. Synth drums and bass were used here, turning the atmosphere a bit 'techno'. I think this one of the best new songs.

YUTA: Another title for this would be "Techno", I think(laughs). It's also a bit psychedelic. Here in this song I mixed synth bass and normal bass for the first time. Anyhow, the rhythm is very sharp.

HIDE: This is a melodious techno-pop song. Again, this is a type of song we didn't have before. Well, there's a lot of effects thrown in, and lots of sound processing.

IMAI: We never made anything like this before, but I always searched for something like it. The drum pattern is a bit dull, but the other instruments turn the song to be very lively. Hide's guitar has a sharp, cutting sound. This feels like an achievement for us, looking back on older songs.

TOLL: It was requested of me to play with a lot of force. I think the sound here is very cool. And the drumming here is really good(laughs).

TOLL: This and Machine are very alike. Both songs have similar drum rhythms.

IMAI: The drums here are incredibly fast, and the bass line is very 'pressed'. Here, Hide's guitar has some distortion effects, just like in "MISTY BLUE" from 悪の華. Therefore, it's a noisy song, but underneath there is a pretty melody.

HIDE: The guitars and rhythm session are contrary in this song, the guitar part is more freely played.

YUTA: Here too I added some synth bass parts. The drum patterns has a 'hammer beat' sound, and the other instruments cover the song's atmosphere very well.

ACCHAN: This is the first time we made a song in this shape/form. Well, for once I wanted to. The effects make the vocals more appropriate. The vocals break down a bit the speed of the music, I think. Regarding the lyrics, the main character is running away, then finds his lover, but his lover vanishes, and then he thinks "What am I?" and then he collapses into M・A・D, basically.

HIDE: This is very fitting as the ending song. On this song I used delay, undulation, and the playing technique is very intense.

TOLL: At the time of rehearsing, I had some difficulty remembering all the set-ups for this one, it was strange(laughs). But playing is live now is actually relaxing.

ACCHAN: As for the last 3 songs, I think they are perfect in this order. When choosing, we thought about a theme, this set theme was "the sun", it was our absolute impression. We chose this without much difficulty. There are more things in between, like laughing, getting angry etc.

IMAI: The idea for this song was that I wanted it to start slow, quiet, and then it would turn into something exciting but also simple. Which is a bit like the album itself - the first half is very energetic but the second half turns into something more serious and brooding. I think either this or 地下室のメロディ could fit as the ending song well.

YUTA: The drums go on endlessly here. This sounds splendid. I thought 'SPEED' was my favourite song in the beginning, but this is also an innovation. This time, I feel like this is an entirely different album. Comparing albums such as 'TABOO' and 'SEVENTH HEAVEN' with this, aren't they really different? We're doing things differently, but I'll still listen to our other albums a lot.

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