1991 ROCK IT!


When buying records, how do you choose them?
SAKURAI: I choose carefully.

IMAI: Label, cover, record review...

HIDE: Whichever is suitable.

YUTA: I do my research or go for something a friend likes.

TOLL: Anything I like.

When buying books, how do you choose them?
S: Whichever I feel is not fun.

I: Author, review.

H: Whichever is suitable.

Y: シンコー1 Books.

T: By subject.

When buying instruments, how do you choose them?
S: If it sounds good.

I: Features, looks.

H: Whichever is suitable.

Y: Greco brand.

T: Testing it.

When buying clothes, how do you choose them?
S: Simple color, shape.

I: Materials/fabric, silhouette.

H: Whichever is suitable.

Y: If it's stylish. I like buying jackets.

T: Matching outfits.

First live in a foreign country. Things you kept in mind when playing.
S: I didn't do anything 'special' at the time of the London live.

I: As usual.

H: Seriousness.

Y: Words cannot describe my feelings!

T: It was overwhelming. A big impact.

Playing a live with a different kind of audience(not your fans). Things to keep in mind when playing.
S: Let's try and not think of the people as anything else, try not to 'label' them.

I: Play as usual.

H: Seriousness.

Y: By any means do my best! Try and find a way to impress the audience.

T: Play as usual, at my own pace.

The promotion and development of a live were entirely entrusted to you. What form would you take?2
S: Everything would be unplanned.

I: I don't know.

H: Triangular shape, or maybe a trapezoid. Not pentagon.

Y: ?

T: I'd spend a lot of money?

What target or ideals do you borrow from other artists?
S: None.

I: None.

H: Opera...(illegible)


T: Beatles, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin

During the early days, what was your target?
S: I wanted to do lives, that was all I thought about.

I: Make a living being in a band.

H: Be serious.

Y: I wanted to play at places like JAM or Shinjuku Loft.

T: Playing at the Budokan.

Why, do you think the band has continued to exist up to this moment?
S: That's difficult. Maybe because I don't think we can ever stop.

I: Mm...?

H: Seriousness.

Y: Hmm....

T: Because of our good relationship.

Instrument you'd like to play.
S: Piano.

I: None.

H: B-T Imai Model.

Y: Stick bass.

T: Ludwig Black Beauty Snare.

Live House you'd like to play

S: None


H: TSUBAKI house.


T: Maebashi 'ガルシア'

During the early days. When you were immersed in band work, what was your family's reaction?
S: "Do what you like."

I: "To hell with you!(Get a life!)"

H: Whatever was suitable.

Y: "Stop playing as soon as possible."

T: It wasn't good. They said things like "Go get a job".

In that time, how did you manage to keep the band going?
S: I had a part-time job but it didn't last too long.

I: Doing whatever it took.

H: Whatever was suitable.

Y: I used to sell handmade things.

T: I used to sell tickets.

Who gave you advice during the early days?
S: 'Yoshiru'3

I: People around me.

H: (Illegible)

Y: Everyone who we ever met up to now.

T: Makoto of De+LAX

Do you practice your stage moves?
S: Yes.

I: Before going on stage.

H: Whatever is suitable.

Y: Yes.

T: Yes.

What would you do to increase the number of fans?
S: Hand out pamphlets, make stickers etc.

I: Live.

H: Be serious.

Y: Hold fan meetings.

T: Stand on my head.

Favourite music magazine
S: None.

I: Early ARENA 37C or early TAKARAJIMA, DOLL.

H: Whatever is suitable.




S: I don't want to say.

I: What is that?

H: Whatever is appropriate.

Y: Tall heights.

T: Too many to say.

Last year of school. What was your focus?

S: Boriiiiing.

I: Band, music.

H: Whatever was appropriate.

Y: Band.

T: Band.

What age do you expect to get married at?
S: I don't know.

I: I don't know.

H: Whichever is suitable.

Y: Any time.

T: I used to think I would at 20(second half, too).

64 years old. What do you think would be your ideal appearance?

S: Just like now.

I: Earth.4

H: Whatever is suitable.

Y: Cute old man.

T: Having a chauffeur to drive me around in a Rolls-Royce. Living in a big mansion with a pool, without any inconveniences.

Speaking about children. What would your children be like?

S: As they should be.

I: I don't know.

H: Whatever is suitable.

Y: If it were a boy, probably would be an evil brat. If it were a girl, would be a super responsible child.

T: They would be perfectly independent and would have a job.

In your current life, what things would you like to improve?

S: Maybe my shyness, I can't really say.

I: Nothing in particular.

H: Whatever is suitable.

Y: Maybe things I do over and over.

T: I'd like to live in a better house.

In your current self, what do you think is missing to you?

S: Time.

I: Nothing in particular.

H: Seriousness.

Y: Everything.

T: A lover, maybe?

What is a different music genre or artist you want to listen to?
S: Gamelan.

I: Imai.

H: Chanson.

Y: ?

T: Jazz.

Benefits of recording overseas?

S: I was able to relax mentally.

I: The sound engineer people were different, they had different, good ideas for the music.

H: There are benefits.

Y: It was good, the music ideas are different in London than they are in Japan.

T: It sounds better.

Benefits of domestic recording?

S: Better food.

I: Communication.

H: There are benefits.

Y: More studio time.

T: Communication is better.

Price of things. What would you like to reduce if it were possible?

S: Everything.

I: Water.

H: Dog food.

Y: Everything.

T: Plot of land.

Right now, a thing you don't want to let go.

S: Time

I: Mmmm?

H: Jupiter.5

Y: Everything.

T: Drum set.

Something you've been consuming a lot recently.

S: Gasoline, sake, oil, tires.

I: Health.

H: Toilet paper.

Y: Bass picks.

T: Drumsticks.


1: Publisher company of books about music.

2: The 'form' here isn't literal, it means something more like 'how would you approach this?'. I wanted to keep the duality of meaning.

3: I have no idea who this is.

4: I think he, morbidly, means here that when he's 64 he'll be 'earth'?

5: Jupiter is Hide's dog.

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