1993 ARENA37C

He looks always like he°«s impatient/in a hurry, and it°«s probable that indeed he might be(laughs). He has various complex sides to him. He can be very firm sometimes but he can also be a little careless too. But, when it comes to the band, he°«s very reliable. He leads us most of the time. During senior high school, he was the vice president of the student council and to this day he puts these skills to good use.
- Hide

He might look cool, but he°«s a total child(laughs). When we°«re working on songs, it°«s like he°«s in a trance, he doesn°«t move at all until the end. But it°«s really fun. He°«s a bit careless with alcohol(laughs). And sometimes he doesn°«t pay attention to things. Does a maternal instinct type person appeals to him? yes, certainly.
- Acchan

To other people, he might give the impression of coldness. But actually he is extremely kind. As a whole, it°«s a very uncomplicated kindness.
- Toll

He°«s very hardworking and likes to talk a lot. He°«s really dedicated. Recently, he°«s been studying music a lot and other things too. Even strange things(laughs). Things like, °»this cup was made in Yamanashi°…(laughs). He is a good listener.
- Yuta

I think he is very quiet/shy. But if he gets annoyed, then it°«s scary, fufufufu~. At the time we went to London, Acchan and I kept kidding around as usual. Once, Hide was quite sleepy and then suddenly got really mad at us. And then, dejected, we both quietly returned to our room(laughs). He°«s really serious and devoted to the band. So much that it°«s tiring sometimes. I think he should sometimes loosen up and joke around so he doesn°«t get too tired.
- Imai
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