1993 ROCK IT!


Points to remember when playing for more than 4000 people

ɣͣɡNone in particular.

ȣɣģšMove around more so people can see me.

٣գԣTurn up the sound.

TOLLCheck the reverb levels during rehearsal.

Points to remember when performing at a live house.

ɣͣɡNothing in particular.

ȣɣģšSetting up the drum volume.

٣գԣWhat the places acoustics are like.

TOLLI wonder if the audience can see me.

Points to remember when spending a lot of time away from home when touring
ӣˣգңɡI dont really have to worry about anything.

ɣͣɡI bring about 10 CDs with me when touring.

ȣɣģšBeing careful about fire.

٣գԣTurning off my houses water/gas valve.

TOLLPutting out the electricity.

Considerations when performing an event*
*Playing with other bands in the same day
ӣˣգңɡHow our ending song will be like.

ɣͣɡI just do it as normal.

ȣɣģšInstruments configuration condition.

٣գԣTry not to think about defeat.

TOLLHow other people who arent our fans will react. Because of that, Im not really into playing events.

Considerations when performing for TV
ӣˣգңɡI feel ridiculous.

ɣͣɡGo to the bathroom before.

ȣɣģšI try to be as TV-appropriate as possible.

٣գԣCondense my real self into a 5-minute performance.

TOLLTry to not drop my drumsticks.

Considerations when performing in ill health
ӣˣգңɡ Ifeel like its no good.

ɣͣɡChastise myself against my will. I dont take medications.

ȣɣģšPlay without thinking about my physical condition.

٣գԣSleep well.

TOLLGo as I am, hoping not to make a mistake. But its bad not to care about your well-being.

Whats the first thing you do after a live


ȣɣģšWhether if Im going back to the hotel or have to stay in the dressing room, I shower.

٣գԣTake a bath.

TOLLI dont do anything immediately.

Whats the first thing you do before a live

ɣͣɡGo to the bathroom.


٣գԣClean hands with a towel.

TOLLGo to the bathroom.

During a live, the most frequent equipment trouble is...
ӣˣգңɡGuitar sound not coming out.

ɣͣɡThere arent many but its mostly sound problems. Recently, Acchan had to talk to the audience for around 5 minutes while the sound wasnt working.

ȣɣģšGuitar strings breaking, noise interference on wireless equipment.

٣գԣWireless equipment..

TOLLSynth drum connection tone quality.

How do you choose your stage outfits
ӣˣգңɡFlashy clothes.

ɣͣɡDoesnt have to be flashy. Something cool looking and easy to move in. Also, its my duty to wear funny things.

ȣɣģšI usually ask our Costume Designer.

٣գԣStylish clothes.

TOLLSomething to go along with the mood pattern.

Which instrument sounds best on the PA monitor
ӣˣգңɡSinging and drums.

ɣͣɡDrums, my guitar, of course I dont listen to Hides guitar(teasing).

ȣɣģšDrums and me. Imai-kuns guitar sound just floats away in the lives.

٣գԣSnare and kick and high-hat.

TOLLAll. The balance of everything.

Points to remember when playing on a rainy day.
ӣˣգңɡI bring an umbrella.

ɣͣɡI dont want to get an electric shock.

ȣɣģšProtect equipment from rain.

٣գԣPrevent the speakers and equipment from getting wet.

TOLLI just play normally.

When is a time you think, Wow, time went by so slow!
ӣˣգңɡWhen a bad thing happens.

ɣͣɡWhen Im home, listening to live versions of Victims of Love

ȣɣģšWhen being interviewed.


TOLLWhen a song doesnt go well at a live and we have to be cautious.

When is a time you think, Wow, time went by so fast!
ӣˣգңɡWhen Im working with the band.

ɣͣɡDrinking time.

ȣɣģšDrinking time.

٣գԣDrinking time with friends.

TOLLWhen busy. Our debut year went by so fast.

Cassette tape brand you use

ɣͣɡTDK 30 minutes. For demo tapes.

ȣɣģšI never use them. But if I have to make demo tape I use DAT 30 minutes.


TOLLAlways a 46 minute tape.

Highest record of drinking quantity and time.
ӡA bottle of bourbon and a few beers, 1 day.

ɣͣɡMore than 1 bottle but less than 2 bottles, 24 hours. Still, Arent I an idiot? I thought.

ȣɣģšI dont remember, probably more than 12 hours.

٣գԣ24 hours. The quantity was Imai and I sharing 5 bottles.

TOLLI think about 12 hours, I dont remember. Drinking until 5 hours and then going to another place to drink until 7 hours

Most expensive thing you bought recently

ɣͣɡCDs. 30 was barely enough.


٣գԣEquipment(SWR speaker)

TOLLFighting video-game

Your favourite game software type
ӣˣգңɡFighting video-games.

ɣͣɡDragon Quest or racing ones. I triumph at shooting games.


٣գԣFinal Fantasy

TOLLPower League(baseball game).

Late night TV show you like the most

ɣͣɡǤ 1

ȣɣģšDrama specials.

٣գԣDont watch.

TOLLWestern films.

Hair care products you use before a live
ӣˣգңɡI leave it as it is.

ɣͣɡCream so it looks a bit wet.



TOLLDaiei Spray, as usual.

Type of video tape shows you like watching

ɣͣɡComedy genre.

ȣɣģšRental dubbed films.

٣գԣHavent seen any in a long time.


Top 3 favourite gambling games
ӣˣգңɡMah-jongg 2

ɣͣɡBlackjack, Hanafuda 3

ȣɣģšMah-jongg, horse racing.

٣գԣMah-jongg, UNO.


Year and situation of your first date
ӣˣգңɡWent to the girls house, I was on sixth year of elementary school. We listened to records.

ɣͣɡCinemawe saw ɱ줿ͺ 4. Second year of high school. Someone introduced me to her when I worked at a sushi restaurant.

ȣɣģšCinema. Middle school.

٣գԣWent out together with other friends to Takasaki.

TOLLFirst year of high school. Girl invited me to go to her house.

Bad habits
ӣˣգңɡCant say.

ɣͣɡDrinking and playing/messing with my hair.


٣գԣFiddling with the buttons of my pyjamas.

TOLLI dont know.

When composing, what kind of equipment is essential?
ӣˣգңɡI dont compose. I mostly write lyrics and use a cassette deck.

ɣͣɡGuitar, bass, drum machine.


٣գԣRhythm box.

TOLLI dont compose.

Audio Visual materials youd like to have
ӣˣգңɡBig screen, speakers, big room.

ɣͣɡVCR recorder.

ȣɣģšLaser disc player.

٣գԣLaser disc player.


When and how do you like to listen to music
ӣˣգңɡDuring recording time.

ɣͣɡMiddle of the night. Drinking time.

ȣɣģšMiddle of the night. Drinking time.

٣գԣWhen recording.

TOLLWhen I get home from work, at night, with headphones.

How many leather jackets you own
ӣˣգңɡOnly one with a BUCK-TICK logo.





What wakes you up in the morning without fail


ȣɣģšShimokawa-kuns 5 telephone.

٣գԣShimokawa-kuns telephone.


Futon, bed, or

ɣͣɡBed, futon, sofa I like beds.


٣գԣBed, semi-double.

TOLLFuton. Beds make my back hurt.

Do you have a favourite snack to eat when you drink
ӣˣգңɡKaki no tane 6.

ɣͣɡTsukemono 7.

ȣɣģšKaki no tane.

٣գԣubrwka 8 and Baby Star Ramen 9.

TOLLKaki no tane with Sake.

Your monthly telephone bill value
ӣˣգңɡ Standard plan+ a little.

ɣͣɡIm not sure.

ȣɣģš1000 or 2000 Yen.

٣գԣBetween 5000 and 8000 Yen.

TOLLIm not sure.

Monthly alcohol expense

ɣͣɡI dont pay when I go out for a drink. And if its at home its only something like 3 times a month.

ȣɣģšI only really drink at home.

٣գԣI wont tell such amazingly high cost to a magazine.

TOLLSomething like that


1: Cooking variety tv show. It aired during 92-93, on wednesdays at 12:40AM to 1:10AM.

2: Mah-jongg is a chinese strategy game.

3: Hanafuda are cards. Theres many games you can play using them.

4: Book published in 1969 but had a movie version made in 1982. Drama/action movie.

5: Might be someone of their road crew/staff.

6: Rice snack.

7: Pickled vegetables.

8: Vodka from Poland.

9: Crispy dried noodle snack.
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