1994 B-PASS

Recently, whats your favorite movie?
Acchan: Ive said it before, but it is The Godfather.

Hide: Favorite? Schindlers List, I saw it some time ago. After the end only an emotional weight remains. I think it would be better if I hadnt eaten before seeing it(laughs).

Yuta: Movie There isnt one.

Toll: A movie I saw about 3 years ago, Big with Tom Hanks acting in it.

Imai: After this, I plan to watch live videos of RC SUCCESSION and MAD CAPSULE MARKETS.

Recently, a good live you went to?
Ive also answered this previously, but a good live was MAD CAPSULE MARKETS at Shibuya.

ȡ A long time ago I went to see Madonna.

١ I went to see U2 recently. And when there was the reunion of ANARCHY.

ԡ BAKIchans(GASTANK) live at LOFT about 2 months ago. It was a nice feeling being chased around(laughs).

ɡ I dont really go see anyone much. But MAD at Shibuya was very good, I think.

A television show you watched recently.
I think it was Hello London. Its an english conversation program. Its hard, but is fun to watch(laughs). That old guy was cool, wasnt he. A hyper feeling(laughs).

ȡ Mitokoumon1(laughs). The rebroadcast of it.

١ Recently, its been the World Cup.

ԡ DOWNTOWN2. And then in the morning I watch Wild Horse3(laughs).

ɡ Nothing in particular. I usually leave the tv on all night. Well, shows like DOWNTOWN or comedy shows.

Recently, who is an actor or actress you like?
Japanese would be 4. Foreigner would be Al Pacino.

ȡ Just yesterday on WOWOW I saw a movie called Surgery Room and Katou Masaya was in it. Hes a good actor.

١ Nakadai Tatsuya. I think his acting skills are amazing, hes been my favorite actor for a while.

ԡ I like Tom Hanks and others like him. Ive watched Splash 3 or 4 times.

ɡ I recently watched Night Head with Toyokawa Etsushi.

Recently, what is your favorite drink?
Beer or bourbon or wine(laughs). Red wine. Italian wine is particularly delicious Im not moderate(laughs).

ȡ I dont have a preferred brand, but I often drink wine. White or red, either is good.

١ Something I like to drink often is bourbon.

ԡ Recently, a drink I think is quite cool, is lizard sake. Theres a real lizard inside. Its strong like vodka.

ɡ My favorite drink is bourbon. In the end, I dont have to think about what Ill drink, its bourbon.

Recently, are you interested in travelling to a foreign country or local place if you had the chance?
I dont have a specific location, but maybe Id go towards a rivers source(in the mountains?). I live in Tokyo and I yearn for peaceful places like these.

ȡ I dont have a particular reason for it, but Egypt.

١ Turkey was good already(laughs). Egypt. But I dont have a reason.

ԡ Birmingham in England. I have a lot of respect for John Bonham and I would like to visit his grave.

ɡ Egypt. I think its a place of wonders and mysteries. But I hate aeroplanes, I hate flying.

Recently, are you interested in watching sports?
Recently, I (tentatively) watched football. I liked Roberto Baggio of Italy.

ȡ Because I played football long ago Ive been watching the World Cup.

١ World Cup.

ԡ Nothing in particular. I dont like football, if I have to watch anything its baseball.

ɡ I watched football in London but because I didnt even know what was being said I thought it wasnt very fun.

Recently, what is a book or short novel you liked reading?
Murakami Ryuus The World in Five Minutes From Now was interesting at once after a long time.

ȡ A book about the worlds largest religions and their leaders(laughs).

١ Famicon5 books(laughs). Recently, nothing comes to mind. Hm, maybe B-PASS(laughs).

ԡ Back Beat. A book about Stuart Sutcliffe, who is sometimes called the 5th member of the Beatles.

ɡ Murakami Ryuus The World in Five Minutes From Now. Acchan recently gave it to me.

Recently, how do you enjoy your free time? When is the most enjoyable time for you?
As always, its when I go for a drink at night(laughs).

ȡ When I watch the World Cup early in the morning. And then I sleep.

١ I dont like being alone, so its when I go out drinking with other people.

ԡ When I return to Gunma and meet my former classmates. These are relaxing times.

ɡ As always, its drinking time(laughs). At night, drinking time.

Recently, what is a game(Video game, cards, gambling etc) you like playing?
Famicon football game.

ȡ Famicon football game. The one I play is Excite Stage 94(laughs).

١ Bomberman. Its like no other.

ԡ Famicon games. Tetris, Puyo Puyo etc.

ɡ Football game. I havent played cards recently.

What did you listen to from home to your travel to Turkey?
I dont know the title but it was Ambient music. And then, The Roosters.

ȡ Seal, Ambient music, a featured CD with Ave Maria in it.

١ Since some time ago Ive been listening to the Beatles Revolver album. Enigma, Carp, Depeche Mode

ԡ Led Zeppelin bootlegs. Yuuming Brand karaoke

ɡ Something with a loud grinding noise. I dont know the title or artist, I didnt memorize it.

Whats a feel good song youd like to play for the summer live event?
ۥ˻쥿6(laughs). In the opposite sense.



ԡ VICTIMS OF LOVE. I dont know if its a feel good song, but

ɡ ƥᥭǡ

Recently, have you bought any instruments or audiovisual equipment?
I received from SPACE SHOWER7 an antenna and a tuner.

ȡ In Turkey I bought a strange guitar in the shape of a sitar.

١ In Turkey I bought a guitar.

ԡ A Ludwig drum set from around the 1970s. In Turkey I bought a counterfeit Ludwig snare drum.

ɡ A synthesizer in the shape of a guitar.

In your day off, how do you rehearse at home?
Sometimes when I go out to karaoke everyone asks me to sing. I sing old Ishihara Yuujirou songs. I also sing anime songs(laughs).

ȡ I just keep my guitar set at a lower volume.

١ I usually do covers of other songs with the bass.

ԡ I dont play at home, just do instrument maintenance and remodelling.

ɡ I dont play guitar at home. Its too quiet and noticeable.

What kind of live space would you like to play?
Power Station and other live houses like it.

ȡ Live houses. Outdoor spaces are good too.

١ Shinjuku LOFT.

ԡ Shinjuku LOFT.

ɡ Id like to play at more live houses now. I dont know exactly where, but just any live house.

If you were at a place like a party, and unexpectedly had to perform one B-T song, which would it be?
SPEED. Previously, Ive already performed BOOWY songs with Hotei.

ȡ SPEED would be my song of choice if I had to do it this time. But its not a firm decision.

١ SPEED, because of the great number of sound effects in it and the interaction between instruments.

ԡ SPEED. In Turkey, at a place that was kind of a live pub, they said what are you going to play? and we played SPEED(laughs).

ɡ I would refuse and say I only play guitar left-handed(laughs).

Recently, have you met any musicians?
Koji Kikkawa. But were not really acquaintances. And then, Magumi-kun. Yoshikawa-kun and I went drinking yesterday.

ȡ I dont really meet many musicians.

١Mori Yukinojou.


ɡ SCHAFTs Raymond.

An artist/band youd really like to go see a live.
David Bowie.

ȡ Jimi Hendrix, if he were alive.

١ David Bowie.

ԡ BAKIchan. Led Zeppelin with John Bonham. Pink Floyd 20 years ago. PONTA BOX.

ɡ BOOWY, but they disbanded(laughs).

Please leave a message to the fans.
After a long time we will play a live. I think it will have a very fresh feeling.

ȡ After the summer lives, I think it will be the end of the year for the band. But please wait a little until next year.

١ Im cheering for you all(laughs).

ԡ I will do my absolute best.

ɡ Please buy SCHAFT cd. Please buy Shapeless cd(laughs).


1: Historical drama that is on air since 1969.

2: Comedy duo.

3: Variety tv program.

4: I left their original name.

5: Famicon is a type of video game.

6: This is a subtle joke. The songs title in english would be Killed by the sun. And theyre talking about performing on a summer event.

7: Music tv channel.

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