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Ichikawa Tetsushi and Acchan talk. This transcript starts from the moment Acchan walks in.

Ichikawa: So, first, we'll be receiving from fax. So, tonight's guest, is now before my eyes. He's just got on the new cover of 「Ongaku to Hito」, here is Sakurai of Buck-Tick. Welcome!

Sakurai: Good evening.

I: Sorry. You have a hangover, right? But you are here.

S: Ah, not at all. It's a honor.

I: Oh don't say that. Well, first, questions about B-T, to Sakurai... Eh, please, we don't want to hear silly things like what his underwear color is! And such things. Your support messages to the (baseball team) Giants is also ok! Also, rumors like who's been with who, who you've seen on the street are also messages we wish to receive. The fax number is ○○○... Don't get it wrong because it's late at night. So from now on we'll start drinking. I think we'll get everything down in one gulp.

[CM break]

I: So, I am Ichikawa Tetsushi of 「Ongaku to Hito」 magazine, presenting to you, Midnight Rock City - Friday and People. Here is Sakurai-san.

S: Yes, let's do this〜.

I: Today, when you got here, your face looked like death.

S: Ah, it's because I went drinking, and I drank way too much, yesterday.

I: Recently, what has B-T been doing?

S: Rehearsing only.

I: You'll start doing lives soon, strangely Imai has been desperately trying to memorize Hide's songs. He's been seriously practicing. That is a rumor I heard.

S: It's true. He didn't know because he was doing some recording.

I: (laughs)

S: It's mutual.

I: More recently... in a way or other, have you "understood" this album?

S: Yeah.

I: By fax, letters and others, a lot of people have been telling me that they've been predicting someone of B-T to come to this show and here you are.

S: That's really cool, isn't it...

I: So, [he reads the person's city, name and pen-name] sent me one saying "Ichikawa-san, now doing a radio show, is a drinker, a Giants fan and this is very much like Acchan!" they said, and suddenly everyone started to see the similarities... Said that, another person sent me a letter "Congratulations on the radio start. If you're looking for a drinker, I'd like you to bring Acchan and Imai of Buck-Tick and have them do the interview while drinking."

S: (laughs) Imai-chan. You should call him.

I: Yeah, but I feel I'm giving myself away here. This time, on the album Six/Nine, we have received the front cover. Do you know what kind of album this is, have you come to "understand" it?

S: Ye--------ah. That's right......

I: (laughs) but, is this the end of the band getting interviewed about it?

S: Yes.

I: Have you also picked what you want for this tour?

S: Yes, now we're off to rehearse.

I: Originally, for the band, up to this moment, from rehearsals to other aspects, have you ever done an album with so much detail like this?

S: Yes, but, even though we'd been putting power into recent work, we had stopped it, recently.

I: aah.

S: Some time ago, we were rehearsing lazily, but recently, when we noticed it was going that way, we assumed a posture to put a stop to that.

I: So now, do you feel like you are close to the limits of perfection? What's the percentage?

S: That's right... And so, that is also individual, each of us has their secret.

I: (laughs) However, to an extent, you are the same. When you go drinking together, it's said that you start to do the same things, like, synchronizing your breathing. This is an odd band, I feel that.

S: Yes. When we're recording, we become disconnected. But when we don't know it, we're saying the same phrases, doing the same things. That's a reaffirmation.

I: Ah, now I'm forgetting what's most important. On the 15th, there's your new album, Six/Nine.

S: Yes.

I: Sorry I haven't said it before. There's been a lot of bands breaking up recently, because there are so many people who don't know it yet... I think... I'll take the opportunity of this radio show to tell. DIE IN CRIES has broken up, Soft Ballet too... Soft Ballet are said to be on good terms with Buck-Tick, and they suddenly broke up, have you heard about it?

S: No no no.

I: Not at all?

S: About the concert? The other day, our manager went to see it, and I heard some about it.

[They talk some more about Soft Ballet breaking up, apparently on stage...]

I: ... As for Buck-Tick, there's never been a talk of you wanting to break up or anything. Let's be honest, Up until now, haven't you ever thought about Buck-Tick breaking up?

S: No.

I: (laughs)

S: Really.

I: That... I think it's a great thing.

S: So do I.

I: Yeah. Well, it's was always you 5 from the start, going to drink together, being together when work's over etc. it's a strange thing, isn't it?

S: Yes. It's kinda like, I wonder when I'll be able to say "Finally, I can drink alone now". (laughs)

I: It's like "These guys are impossible".

S: (laughs)

I: Ok, so, now I guess I'd like to play one song from the new album. It's like a video theater?

S: Video theater?? (laughs)

I: What? Is it wrong? What is it then?

S: I don't know(laughs). More like an assembly hall.

I: Every song will have a video to go with it.

S: Yes.

I: Everyone will go see it... So listen to it now. Vanilla... 『君のヴァニラ』I heard it is truly great.

S: Ah.

I: Yes, everyone, let's hear it. Please introduce the song.

S: Yes, 『君のヴァニラ』.

* 『君のヴァニラ』  BUCK−TICK *

I: We've just listened to 『君のヴァニラ』 from the new album 「Six/Nine」. I think I do understand well this album's tone, from this song.

S: You do?

I: Yeah, this time, looking at the lyrics, it's a really good album...

S: Ah, thank you.

I: From here since 「狂った太陽」. Some people may get angry at this. Has it been three years? It's is really so.

S: No, I am not here. (laughs)
[This part does not make sense?]

I: Now, we just received a fax from Kyo of Die in Cries. "I am Kyo. Congratulations on your broadcasting..." Ah this is perfect. It's a private joke. "Ichikawa-san, Sakurai-san, thank you. Last week it was me. Ichikawa-san by all means... I launched 'Friday'. That's a lie. Sorry" Don't associate me with that joke.
[This doesn't make much sense to me either, because it is a private joke. It's as close as possible to a literal translation, but I think context is missing.]

S: (laughs)

I: [the letter continues] "May 2 and 3's lives were very interesting. Good luck for NK Hall on July 2. 'Friday', please keep going. Next time maybe, I'll be your guest too." it says. The P.S. is: "Sakurai-san, it's been a while since we played* together". (laughs) Very easy to understand.
* = Literal meaning

S: Kyo-san..., Kyo-san...(←Low voice, calling him)

I: Some time ago, there was a letter from ○○-san[Name not given]. "So, the first guest is really Acchan? The decision period is already over." It says. Suddenly, I get a feeling of being criticized as an amateur. Well, here is a question for you.

S: Yes.

I: "What do you really think about Ichikawa-san?" it says... (laughs.) Myself, what do you think about me?

S: Ahaha... (laughs). I'm not able to say... I'm right before you...

I: Hey, hey! (laughs) Well, that's it. Like the first time we met, hm....

S: It was in Nagoya, wasn't it?

I: It was the time of 「Sexual」, that time. These days, I was in Nagoya. I was the local magazine editor-in-chief.

S: Yeah.

I: At the time, the Victor people were like "Ichikawa-san, you should put B-T on your magazine. They look like idols but their content is different!" they said.

S: Aha..(laughs). They did really have that way of talking?

I: Yeah.

S: Uwa--.

I: Then, moreover, "The melodies are like tulips!" they said... That was an amazing promotion...

S: (laughs)

I: So, "let's meet!" I said. If we tried to meet, "Sakurai and Hide should come" I said, but it was just really a big silence between us.

S: (laughs)

I: That time, for 2 hours together, I tried to talk to you but Hide never said anything.

S: Yeah, that time he wasn't the type to talk.

I: That time you were touring country-wide. Doing everything so finely.

S: Yes, that was a good experience.

I: (laughs) You have a distant look now.

S: (laughs)

I: I thought that.

S: That question... The answer wasn't very good.

I: Ah, well then, please reply.

S: Your behavior... Is all very clear, see-through.

I: Thank you. Truly.

S: Not at all.

I: I'll follow you all my life.

S: (laughs)

I: In the early days there was already some good rumors that you all like to drink. And in these days I remember that you didn't really have any outside friends.

S: Yeah, of course, it has always been the 5 of us going to drink together.

I: At the time of "Aku no Hana", I did an interview with Imai, at the end of the interview, unexpectedly he said, "Ichikawa-san, would you like to go drinking?", "Ah, let's go" I said. At that time I still used honorifics for him.

S: Ah, really.

I: Yeah, and then we went. But then, at the front of the place, there were all 4 of you.

S: (laughs)

I: And yet...

S: You fell into the trap? (laughs)

I: Well, I was also collecting data there for interviews. And you all even greeted me bowing and all, with that hair and make-up... [Here the original poster says they didn't understand what followed] And then "Thanks for your hard work"... Was there my birth place? It seems so.

S: (great laughter)

I: That was weird. Yeah.

S: Yeah, it's been a long time.

I: A long time. So, has your drinking amount decreased?

S: No, it's not lower.

I: You don't learn your lesson... But it's mutual. With alcohol.

S: I know. Today already I reconsidered it... But I'm a strong drinker. One day.

I: I see. But you don't really think about it, right?

S: No. I occasionally change... But I feel so much self-hatred, "I'll drink the next day" I say. It's a lot like that.

I: When you feel sad, a drink helps to get you out of that mood. Do you feel like that?

S: Yeah. I do that, firmly.

I: Today I had a beer, and after I was doing something at Space Shower TV, my friend Fukuwaka Yuuko had some wine and it reminded me of you.

S: Ah, tha-anks.

I: Later, SHOW−YA* also today talked to me, yesterday they went to LA, but a member who didn't, said that their past time is to brew drinks. They're weird, some time ago they sent me 2 non-label bottles of 大吟醸**.
* = band
** = drink name.

S: They're good people.

I: Alcohol, There is always a lot of it. (laughs) Well, I think we should be talking about the new album here.

S: Yes. What is it?

I: For now, this time, what is your intent in selling this album?

S: (laughs), naaa-h. Um, (laughs) I don't know.

I: You're not greedy.

S: But, we try do spread the word. Like this.

I: Ah, I see. The singles 『唄(uta)』 and 『鼓動(kodou)』 are also very promising.

S: Yes, it's that way.

I: From 『唄』 and 『鼓動』, I imagine the other songs on the album aren't very different.

S: Ah... Is that so?

I: Or should I say, it's a very "rock" album? this time?

S: Yeah...

I: Anything goes?

S: Yeah...

I: So, now, finally... like, rolling on a hill, let's go for a next level...

S: Is it? (laughs)

I: These no-good aesthetics are now so much far above from the ground.

S: (laughs)

I: So, now, here is a song that is very easy to understand.

S: Yes, yes.

I: This is a song that I liked a lot... I really want to play it.

S: I also liked this one a lot.

I: So then, please.

S: 『限りなく鼠(kagirinaku nezumi)』.

* 『限りなく鼠』  BUCK−TICK *

I: We just listened to Buck-Tick's 『限りなく鼠』.

S: Thank you.

I: For this song, what about it do you like the most?

S: U---n, that's hard.

I: Ahaha(laughs)...

S: Hm, about a picture.... It's a weird talk, but there's a photograph of my father and I, when I was little, we are photographed together... While I look at that picture, I can get so many ideas, I think about many things.

I: Ah. It's like, you're thinking about living an "endlessly a rat" type of existence, and then when you look around you, everyone seems to be living that way.

S: Hm. Well, I may have a persecution complex as well, but I surely have hyper sense of self-consciousness.

I: hyper self-consciousness and persecution complex. These are the 2 distinctive features in Sakurai.

S: Ahaha...(laughs). But I hate that.

I: Nah nah, in the "complex department store", Issay is also a regular costumer.

S: (laughs) Ah, I'm relieved.

I: Now, the fax machine is bubbling with so many faxes. But I said, that silly questions are no good! But said that, naturally the silly questions have come. But now, let's see one from a "normal person".

S: Normal...

I: From ◎◎-san. "3 months ago, it was your birthday. You turned 29..." Is that so?

S: Yes, that's right.

I: "This year, is there anything special you'd like to do?"

S: No, I don't think there is.

I: Ahaha (laughs)... ◎◎-san, You poor thing.

S: I will think about it.

I: Ok. "The lives will start soon, regarding the fans who go to lives, is there anything that they do that you wish it to stop? I would like to hear about it." Thank you for your question.

S: Hm... Well... If you are on the right side, stay on the right side. I think that's it.

I: Everyone here was expecting him to say something like "have fun"... And yet(laughs).

S: That's... Scary.

I: This person says "This time B-T is releasing 『唄』 and 『鼓動』. I have high expectations of this album and these singles are sounding very good to me. And now Sakurai-san, is in really good shape. Since 「狂った太陽」 he has been improving, little by little, little by little... Please continue doing your best."

S: Yes, thank you.

I: That's probably a fan's child, "little by little" they said...

S: (laughs) Hope I'm still thin enough.

I: Thank you for your letter. Now, we have one from ●●-san, "I'll ask immediately. In magazine and radio interviews, Sakurai-san has never explained this very clearly. It's somewhat a common question. Which of these two types of lovers do you prefer?" Ah, so I'll finally have a try at that, doing this radio business.

S: Uwa...

I: "1. Hairy woman, or, a woman who has a strong body odor?" This is awful...

S: I don't think I prefer any.

I: Ok. "2. Mr. Lady, or, Miss Dandy*?"
[* = Maybe there is a typo of the original poster here. Maybe it is 'Miss Lady' too. Or perhaps they're talking about feminine men, but this is unlikely, since the letter sender says these questions are about women, not men.]

S: ...Hm, which one... Well, whichever is the more feminine type.

I: "3. A spoiled woman, or, a tough woman?"

S: ......

I: Ah, come on, this is a quick kind of question, don't think too much.

S: (laughs) In that circumstance, someone who has control...

I: That is, someone who you can tell what to do?

S: No no no, the control of a woman.

I: Ah, someone who does it.

S: Yes, someone who does what they please.

I: In a good sense, someone who has the control, but in a bad sense, someone who cracks the whip.

S: Yes, but, someone who mostly doesn't really care... I guess.

I: If you get in trouble, they make you raise your butt to get some spanking.

S: (laughs) I’ll run away.

I: You're the lowest (laughs).

S: Ahaha (laughs)..

I: "4. A woman who cooks well, or, a woman who is unskilled in bed?"

S: Hm... Here, someone who is good in both...

I: Really skilled?

S: Yes. (← low voice。)

I: (laughs) That... let's leave that as so.

S: Amazing, isn't it.

I: Ah. Here's a question from ▽▽-san. (laughs) Silly question. "What are your favorite ingredients to put in misoshiru?"

S: (laughs) ....

I: Well, I like to eat mine with potatoes and cabbage. Shiro miso. It's really good...

S: Yeah?

I: Ah, excuse me. (laughs) "A question for Sakurai-san. What is the album Six/Nine about? I have various questions because we hear this and hear that around. What is the origin of this album's meaning?"

S: Ok. This time, Imai-chan had the chance to..

I: Aahh, there are the both extremes. Here, I wasn't seeing the creepy part... "Possibly, could it be that you like six nine* ?" it says. It comes with a punch line.
* = THAT kind of '69' ! !

S: Seems like they are a grown up, isn't it...

I: Smells like an old man. Like, it really does seem to be some old man! Well, after that, one from ▲▲-san. (laughs) Ah, it's great trouble, for artists. Well, we have already received this question from many people, we should answer the demand. "After you hair has become short, is it easier for you to wash it?" This is a disaster...

S: (laughs) It's more comfortable.

I: Ok. Next... "I have heard you had to go to the hospital because of problems with some type of neurosis. Are you better now?"

S: I have not felt any kind of 'neurosis'. I was just very over-sensitive... That is, when I write song lyrics all in one go, it made me fatigued. Now I am healthy.

I: As expected, when you are writing songs, sometimes you feel like you have hit the very bottom. Or should I rather say, you are driven t hit that very bottom?

S: Yeah. I'm the type that "If I don't do hit this bottom, I can't do it".

I: Then, isn't that a form of escape? If you can write the lyrics, then you have a escape. That is, it's like you're building yourself a stairway, no? That kind of attitude, is it?

S: Seems so. once I get drunk, it's all good.

I: Ah, I see.

S: If I can get drunk, I am happy. Or should I say, I take a hard look at things and it makes me motivated.

I: But, if you get like, really drunk, doesn't a part of it make you feel bad? Since the old days?

S: There is. You need some caution...

I: Now we have a fax from □□-san. "Now, here and there, there are B-T billboards."

S: Yeah.

I: Huge billboards. "These billboards are everywhere, and even though there was one in Asakusa, I felt very surprised." (laughs)

S: (laughs) I wonder why.

I: There doesn't seem to be many B-T fans in Asakusa.

S: Do you think so?

I: We were the other time in Ginza, taking pictures for the magazine. It was mid-day, and wonderfully, no one seemed to notice. That was incredible.

S: Yeah.

I: At evening, there were absolutely no kids at all in Ginza. That was extremely weird. So, we'll continue our wonderful question corner later. And now from the new album 「Six/Nine」, Imai-san alone, let's see a hidden side of him. Is that it?

S: Yes.

I: Then, because it's so long of a title, please introduce the song.

S: 『相変わらずの』・・。 (hidden laughter) it's 『相変わらずの「アレ」のカタマリがのさばる反吐の底の吹き溜まり』!! (← Halfway through, he was saying the title very fast。(^^))

* 『相変わらずの「アレ」のカタマリがのさばる反吐の底の吹き溜まり』  BUCK-TICK *

I: Ok, so that was Buck-Tick's 『相変わらずの』 the rest of the title is omitted. (laughs)

S: Say it, please. (laughs)

I: Excuse me. 『相変わらずの「アレ」のカタマリがのさばる反吐の底の吹き溜まり』. This is an explosion of Imai Hisashi power.

S: Yes.

I: Always, it's like every time, he has a song where he can do what he wants.

S: Nn... it's delicious.

I: (laughs) You said that so heartily.

S: (laughs)

I: That's what I felt. Our fax machine is going crazy here, there are so many coming. Let's read one. From **-san. "I really like Acchan's "Ah!"s and "Uh!"s, when he does that voice." (laughs) What does this mean... "Acchan, when you heard the completed CD, did you fall in love with your singing? Please reply truthfully."

S: Yes, I loved it. (laughs)

I: You know, one time, at the time of 『悪の華』, in the song, there is that part that you sing like 'Uh!', and I remembered an incident. It was in that show "All night Japan" with that guy, Ootsuki.

S: Ah, ah.

I: If I'm not mistaken, you were invited as a guest that night .

S: Yes, he was there. It was interesting.

I: (laughs) Did you really sing the 'Ah! Uh!' parts, in front of that guy?

S: I did (laughs).

I: That guy, he's scary.

S: It's a natural trait. (laughs)

I: That guy... He's great trouble. Well, now this is somewhat long, so we have omitted some parts. "I saw Sakurai-san at Tower Records."

S: Ahh.

I: Were you doing a 'talk live' there?

S: Yes, I was.

I: Don't make that unpleasant face.

S: It’s because of a rude thing. The DJ guy, at the last moment, said my name wrong.

I: What did he say?

S: I forgot, but, Sakurai something.

I: Ah, of Mr.Children*. Wasn't that it?
* = The singer of band Mr.Children is Sakurai Kazutoshi

S: No, another different name.

I: Well then, "10 days after, the tour started, I was doing my best to not get discouraged. I went 12 times and more to your lives."

S: Ok.

I: What, are you thinking?

S: (laughs) Ah, isn't that good?

I: Well, gratitude, right.

S: Yes, that is so.

I: "I'm moderate on the alcohol. But now, I am also drinking. By the way, now, what are you drinking? I am drinking wine."

S: Wine for me too.

I: Now, my cup is empty. I'll drink.

S: Mine has just become empty too.

I: (has some trouble reading the next person's pen name)Here, there is a request, 『愛しのロックスター』. This song is also very good. See, Sakurai-san's case, he himself is a rock star, but he is also his ordinary, normal person self. This gap between personas has made him truly feel down at a time.

S: Yes, that time, my appearance was a burden. So I wanted to have a more 'serious' image, but I was in doubt if I could do that.

I: Could you find an escape for that?

S: I still think about it, in a serious way.

I: Serious...

S: (laughs)

I: What was something that you hated about yourself? For being seen like that?

S: No, I was able to be clear. Hm, what should I say... It's hard. There was a rail... And I felt very out of place. I was very indecisive.

I: Ah...

S: You didn't understand, what I said?

I: Uhm, "rail"... The rail of your thoughts?

S: Like, to some extent, isn't there, like, a rail road? Like when you are recording, go on tour...
[He literally speaks of a 'rail'. But I'm not sure if I understand what he wants to say. orz]

I: Ah, yeah yeah.

S: When you are on the radio, on TV...

I: Sorry.

S: No, it's ok. These circumstances... I couldn't make myself clear, even doing TV. On radio and others, Ichikawa-san is very easy to talk to.

I: So, this song, 『愛しのロックスター』, you wrote daring lyrics for it. What exactly, do you want to say, singing this song?

S: It's the perfect self-defense.

I: Aah. And you have a guest singer for the chorus part.

S: Yes.

I: Still more, the incarnation of victimization, Issay of Der Zibet participates. It has turned out to be considerably interesting.

S: Yeah, very much. What you said... was that encouragement?

I & S: (laughs)

I: By means of such a hopeless case, did you feel like you were being saved?

S: Really...? But I am also a bad person.

I: (laughs)

S: I mean, there is an incredible energy there, in Issay-san. If said it was a minus, it would be bad. I think, there is a part of me that will never change, but that person, is stoic and yet so energetic. He managed to put that into the song. Listening to it, I realized that I wouldn't have been able to do this, I still have a long way to go.

I: The individualistic fellow musician... Recently I heard he said something about the worries of being a rock star or something.

S: Oh, so did I.

I: Like, do you think it's about getting older? Wanting to still look young even when older, I wonder?

S: Hm, I think it's unreasonable, with that attitude, I wonder what he would say. It's good that he is someone I can talk to. I think.

I: Because Der Zibet were always present when B-T was in the early days.

S: That's true.

I: Yeah, and because you've helped with Der Zibet albums before, and even participated in Issay's solo album. So, now it's like it was your time to call Issay to participate.

S: It's impertinent to say, but I thought it would be good if he participated...

I: And there's also talk of performing, in the Budokan.

S: Yeah. I thought that it would be also cool if he could perform with us, just for one day and then I requested this. The answer was positive.

I: On the 16th, and the 17th, at the Budokan?

S: I think it'll only be on the 2nd day.

I: Ah, it's because he'll be in London so he won't be able to go. Sorry!

S: Ah, ah! What the hell!

I: (laughs) Well then, everyone, I hope you are having fun. So now, let's listen to the song where Sakurai-san is very easy to understand. Please!

S: 『愛しのロックスター』.

* 『愛しのロックスター』  BUCK−TICK *

I: So we have just heard 『愛しのロックスター』. [Here the original poster says the tape cut and when it resumed, they are reading a fan letter] "... Your fans have been attentively wanting to know what you've been up to after this time, and now, they'll be hearing these painful words. Are you prepared, to sing these hurtful words to your fans? What do you think the reaction will be?" That is what it says. The words are sharp.

S: Yes.

I: So, how is it?

S: Aa, that question... I think... Like, people who will hold a grudge to it, they'll probably will appear.

I: Ok.

S: Uhm... My feelings in this circumstance, I was thinking of this until now, seriously seriously, "what should I say?", but, that person's confusion... it absolutely results from it. Once it has appeared, it is a very helpless sort of thing. It's bad.

I: Well, saying on the contrary, there are people who will react positively, and people who will react negatively. Regardless of being positive or negative, I think the meaning of this difference in opinions is a good thing.

S: Yeah. The lyrics, when it says "You would laugh" I wrote it with certain characters. I was fixated with writing it that way "微笑む", like, a mother smiling at her naughty child, I wanted to convey that emotion. I thought about our fans who might have children, from their point of view, kind of an extreme view, but like, "pig", "monkey" and "bug", the words. To make them laugh, to smile. That's my wish.
[The song's lyrics say "If I turned into a pig(.../monkey/bug), you would laugh".]

I: Ahaha(laughs). I see. There might also be those who want to receive kindness from others.

S: Eh... The other day on [Ongaku to Hito], the article about Issay... (laughs) That was also very interesting.

I: With that individualism, and self-negation, there certainly is that dependence on the kindness and good will of others.

S: Yeah.

I: But, depending on other people's kindness, is not a bad thing only... I think? The expectation for kindness, you want people to be good to you, it may not come. and if it doesn't come it's very cruel. And then it may cause you to be all alone. But even so, that's all right. It means that you always need to be prepared for it.

S: Yes.

I: I mean, for what you say, you shouldn't be looking back with regret at what you've said, you just need to be honest.

S: Exactly.

I: So this time, reactions are wished for.

S: Yes.

I: Amazing! That's an amazing summary.

S: (laughs)

I: (laughs) Well, one more time, B-T's new tour will be starting on the 16th. (He makes the announcement for tour dates and gives information about their fax system). Eh, after this, 'Friday and People' will continue.

[CM break]

I: So, here we are, let's continue. Let's talk about Sakurai-san's favorite western music. Well... A lot come to mind, which reminds me, during the mid 1980's, he had a lot of charisma. First, Peter Murphy, who is just right for this. Some time ago we also chose a song of his. Peter Murphy was in Bauhaus, and Bauhaus is a band that happens to have many fans in Japan.

S: Yes.

I: Around 10 years ago, the band ended, for those of you who might not know this. Well, in Japan, almost all of the bands started to wear black leather, no shirts and used lower illumination for their lives...

S: Ahaha... (laughs)

I: Or maybe, like a Himurock type style, like, raising their hands to sing. These two originated that style. So, since when have you been listening to Bauhaus?

S: Since I was around 19.

I: That time, this kind of dark music was an entirely new thing, wasn't it...

S: Yeah, it was. I remember thinking "This is it!"

I: Did you find them by yourself?

S: Probably, I think. Hmm, I think I caught just a glimpse of them, watching a video.

I: Like when you see a certain picture and it becomes unforgettable.

S: Yes.

I: That time, did you already want to be a singer then?

S: Yeah, it was around that time.

I: Like, did you think "I want to be a singer" when you saw Peter Murphy?

S: No, I can't say I did, but I thought he was really cool.

I: Aah, surely, I know. But wait, because our young listeners may not know, so to give them a concrete idea, let's play a song for them.

S: Ok.

I: Is this your favorite song, you could say? Among the other songs of Bauhaus?

S: Yes.

I: This is from the second album, "Mask" and the song name is "Mask". Please listen.

* 『Mask』  Bauhaus *

I: Ok, we have listened to 『Mask』 of Bauhaus. That last arpeggio sticks to your mind, very Bauhaus indeed.

S: Yes.

I: It's been a while since I listened to it. It's so powerful.

S: Yes.

I: But now, here we have some news.

(Ichikawa reads some news about the discovery of toxic gas liquid in a public bathroom in a underground train station)

I don't really have a comment, because there isn't a lot to say, except that recently Japanese people are very miserable.

S: (bitter laugh)

I: I feel like this country has become very miserable. Suddenly, the report came after we played Bauhaus. I thought we wouldn't have something so severe after playing Bauhaus. Speaking about Bauhaus, and Love and Rockets, many musicians were influenced by them. For example, the net shirts, hair. After that, these aesthetics had much influence over national bands. But some prefer Love and Rockets(the instrumental part of Bauhaus) and others, Peter Murphy. Sakurai-san, in what way were you influenced?

S: Mostly because he's a singer too, but Peter Murphy.

I: Now he has a solo career, he has already made 5 albums. Just the other day, "Cascade", the new album came out. Some time ago here, I was trying to choose a song to play, but I couldn't choose... (laughs) As expected, it's no good.

S: That's disappointing. Bad.

I: It's very much resembling to David Bowie, the music style. The melodies themselves are ok, they're also very much like the old times. But they are too commercial... It's not anything special.

S: These things are not bad, but I expected more from him.

I: A musician who explores that methodology, seems to be stuck in a dead end. Saying that, how do you see it, as a person in the same business?

S: Uhm, I guess... Our sense of values is different.

I: What would you do, if you were stuck in a "dead end"?

S: Well, thinking this way, from the viewpoint of someone who buys the music, I guess it is inevitable to press the skip button. It's destiny.

I: Just don't throw away our issues of 'Ongaku to Hito'!

S: (Laughs) There isn't a choice.

I: Aa, but, are there any songs from any of his solo albums that you like?

S: Yes, certainly. This is, from when he did the Maxell CM. You say it?

I: Me what? In any case, from the first solo album, when he was still not in that 'dead end'. This is "Frozen World", the first album, and the song is 『 FINAL SOLUTION 』, please listen. (The official name of the album is 「SHOULD THE WORLD FAIL TO FALL APART」)

* 『 FINAL SOLUTION 』  Peter Murphy *

I: So, we just listened to the nostalgic song, 『 FINAL SOLUTION 』 by  Peter Murphy. It's really cool, isn't it?

S: Yes, it's good.

I: So yes. Sakurai-san has also listened to this song, and now, Midnight Rock City Friday, 'Friday and People' is continuing.
We have received a fax from ○○-san. "Do your best, Giants team! Since I was born, I am a Giants fan, my dad has always been a supporter. So it's been 22 years that I am also a supporter. I also love B-T in the summer too..." Eh? I didn't understand the meaning of this very well, "I absolutely love B-T, and summer..." But... B-T doesn't seem to me to be a 'summer' band, right?

S: No, but I've been hearing that for a year.

I: (laughs)

[tape cut]

I: Eh? Sakurai is? By the way, how do you feel about baseball?

S: Typically, the Giants. But if there isn't Hanshin team, the Giants are no fun.
[Once again, there is a lack of context which makes translating difficult. orz]

I: Ah, I also like Hanshin. [talks about baseball terms I'm not familiar with], that was the best, and this time the 3 consecutive wins made me really happy. As for B-T, everyone plays baseball games on the super nintendo.

S: (laughs)

I: When you play, what team do you choose?

S: Ah, Hanshin, Giants...

I: Some time ago I also head you were choosing Lotte.

S: Ah, yes, that's Yuuta, surely... (laughs)

I: [Talks about baseball and introduces the next song, which is also related to baseball, he says it's funny. But I don't know very well what he's talking about, since it's what was happening on baseball in that year.]

* 『 The Robots(Bad Papa Mix)』  Life Goes On *

I: Wonderful, it is... We have listened to 『 The Robots 』 by Life Goes On. But now, we have more guests. The incredibly popular, very energetic Takuro and Hisashi of Glay are now here. Welcome!

Takuro & Hisashi: Thank you. Let's do this.

S: Hello... (←low voice。)

I: Ah, Sakurai-san, is this your first time, meeting them? Glay?

S: Yes, first. Nice to meet you.

I: Recently, I finally got to meet Luna Sea too.

S: (laughs)

I: So... You're for the the next young generation.

T: Like a signal fire.

H: It's a honor to be here.
(Original poster says they are not familiar with Glay and therefore they don't know who is talking, so it might be the opposite order.)

I: Well, Hisashi-san, I was thinking about a way to compare you and Imai Hisashi, and you two look similar.

H: We look alike?

I: Don't you think so?

T: Some people have said this a few times...

H: They say I also resemble Jun-san.
(Original poster says they don't know who is Jun.)

S: Ah〜, you do look alike, the three of you.

I: That's what it seems to be (laughs). So what do you think Sakurai-san? How do you see this atmosphere, what does it resemble?

S: Hm.... The color white... (laughs)

I: (laughs) I don't get it. Now, we have received a fax. From ◆◆-san. "Can I tell an old story? I think it's from 1990 or 1991. My friend saw Imai Hisashi at a department store in Shibuya. This is a funny story..." And yet, when most common people see a musician in public, they do not write funny stories! (laughs) "Seems like Imai-chan was at the stationery section, buying lead for mechanical pencils. He just bought one, and was there testing it for 20 minutes..."

S: (laughs)

I: " I think he bought the uni B type... Sakurai-san, Do you know what was happening?"

S: Is this for real〜?

I: They said it was 90 or 91... It's funny... Was he really going to this kind of department store?

S: I think so.

I: Ah〜.

S: Yeah. I wonder if it's really true?

I: Next is from ◎◎-san. "I have received eyewitness information. A certain day in March, Kyo-chan at 8 in the morning. He was at the Tokyo metro station, I'm told. Someone was always seen with him, and it was not his manager. It was a woman (Said woman had long hair and was very pretty.) And two more people were also there, they were going home." This...(laughs) "What was Kyo-chan doing? At this early in the morning, what was Kyo-chan doing? Lately there's been a rumor that it's a woman from Sendai?" I... (laughs) Pass! I don't know.

S: Do your best, Kyo.

I: (laughs) Next is from ★★-san. "I have also seen musicians in places. The Hakodate Sexual Records presidents Takuro-san and Hisashi-kun." I can't believe this, could it be that this person foresaw our other guests arriving? "The place I saw them was at the Budoukan. The date was 1994 December 29."

T: Yeah. Ah, yes.

I: "After the live ended, I went to the bathroom and my friend came with me. There, at the opposite side, was a guy who was tall, had crazy hair and was in a white coat..."

H: crazy hair.

T: That's me.

I: Oh, was it you? "Him, I knew him, but I wondered if he was an acquaintance? It was Takuro."

T: I was late so I only ended up seeing one of the bands.

I: Ah, really. "I must've been developing a heart attack. I was almost dying. And then in the rest room, as I was gathering my last forces to stand up, at the opposite side, leaning on a wall, was Hisashi-kun."

H: Oh.

I: "And then I..." Ah, the rest is not relevant.

Everyone: (laughs)

I: And here we have a next letter. "I also saw someone. I was seeing Die In Cries live at Shibuya Koukaidou, and leaving the stadium, walking was Issay-san of Der Zibet." (laughs) I'm even imagining him, leaving Shibuya with a leather coat...

S: He's stylish.

I: That's my imagination. "After everyone of Mad Capsule Markets was leaving by taxi. And at the time of Yellow Monkey's live at the Budoukan, I saw Tatsuya-san of Blank Jet City walking into the stadium." Tatsuya-san is surely the type to go drinking after leaving a live end. But, Sakurai-san, do you mind if people observe you in public?

S: No, not at all. I don't mind, recently...

I: Ah. I see. But until now, has there ever been a time when you were observed that you felt unpleasant?

S: ....... It's fine.

I: It's fine?

S: I guess I will not show embarrassing parts of me.

I: You really don't want to show?

S: I don't know (laughs).

I: Takuro-san, are you?

T: Ah, a little. (Original poster says they couldn't understand what he said) .... It was when I was in line at a takoyaki shop. I got a fan letter after...

I: Your height is fatal, isn't it.

T: No, I was disguised.

I: What kind of disguise was it?

T: I was wearing a knit hat, all my hair was hidden.

I: Ahaha (laughs)...

T: Black glasses...

I: You were just a 'suspicious guy'.

S: Looks like me.

T: Unnecessarily standing out from the crowd...

I: I see. What about Hisashi-kun?

H: I don't like it, recently we both went to the Stones' live, and they showed our face, in the audience, at the big back screen.

T: When it was the highest moment of "Satisfaction", they showed our messy faces at the giant screen.

H: The staff people.

T: There was quite the repercussion...

I: But, I don't think most Stones fans listen to Glay (laughs) I think it's ok.

T: It was risky.

I: In the old times, wasn't Imai Hisashi also caught, sleeping in the 2nd row of a Stones' live, before the live started, too? (laughs) I thought that was splendid. Well, have you been out disguised too?

S: Yeah, before I used to go out in disguise, but I used to feel a little queasy.

I: (laughs) What did you do?

S: Sunglasses, hats...

I: (laughs) But, with sunglasses it's no change.

S: Yeah, it was no good.

I: I know.

S: It's like... You still stand out.

I: Yeah, certainly.

S: It's because my face is known.

I: What's your method?

T: I don't do it, whether I'm going to a far away place or if I'm going to buy things. Like, when I go to buy household supplies or just go somewhere in the neighborhood, I'll leave just as I was dressed at home. It's a resolution I made.

I: Ah, by the way, what house supplies do you buy?

T: Ah, 'kerokku'...
[kerokku is a type of bread.]

I: (laughs)

T: Milk...

I: Ah, so you're still a child. (laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

T: But doesn't it taste good?!!

I: Sure, sure... Well, what about Hisashi?

H: Well, because my make-up is always so heavy... I don't know.

I: Don't go boasting like that! (laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

H: That's painful.

T: He takes responsibility for the visuals. (laughs)

I: Once, I heard that Sugizo is the kind of guy who never goes out in public unless he's disguised, because he is very insecure. And then a friend of mine once saw him like that, in Harajuku, and tried approach him. And she said that just with one look, she surely knew it was him. But he was trying very hard to look disguised.

S: (laughs)

I: Like, he was wearing this long coat, a hat, sunglasses... So she had the thought of saying "Hey, Sugizo-san. It's been a long time!". But at the same time, she thought it was too risky because he looked like he could get extremely upset so she didn't say anything in the end.

T: It's better not to say someone's name out loud too.

I: Yeah, it's not a good idea.

T: And if in disguise, it's 100x worse!

I: (laughs) Of course, of course.

S: Sugizo, fight!

I: So, now I think we should play a song. Is it ok if I play Kate Bush? Until now we've only heard male bands and artists.

S: I love... Ichikawa-san.

I: Ah... I'm weak with these things. (laughs)

S: No, I love Kate Bush. (laughs)

I: Kate Bush is still releasing music in Japan, this time a combination of CD and live video are available. Let's hear a song. Kate Bush's 『Wuthering Heights』.

* 『 Wuthering Heights 』  Kate Bush *

I: And that was Kate Bush's 『 Wuthering Heights 』, lifts up the mood.

S: Yes.

I: That song is extremely wonderful. So, for tonight, Glay members are also here with us, thank you for coming. Honestly saying, now the Luna Sea appearance in Kyoto has just ended, and we were going to get a phone call at around this time, but seems like they're all drunk.

T: I don't think they will call!

I: They should remember at least!(laughs) Well, as for Glay, you come from Hakodate, right, and there was also an Extasy Records in Hakodate too, right... So, what's your age difference from Sakurai? Around 5, 6 years?

T: Now, I'm 23.

I: Young, right?

S: He's young.

I: So, this band has an interesting passage.

T: Ah, that's Sexual Records, yeah.

S: Yeah.

T: It's a company... We did it in our senior high school student time.

I: Ahaha (laughs)...

S: Ah, is that so? What you were doing, I think it's really solid work.

I: By the way, have you heard B-T's first ever album?

T: Ah, in Hakodate, I own the very first, 「 Hurry Up Mode 」.

I: (laughs)

S: Thanks.

T: I have the vinyl record.

S: Uwa〜, cool〜.

I: How many years has it been since 「 Hurry Up Mode 」?

S: Ah, that's been already... 10 years...

I: It was your debut, right.

S: Yeah.

I: Taiyou records!

S: Yes, that's been some 11 years ago.

I: That was like when your hair was 2 meters tall?

S: Yes.

I: Aa.

T : I also have a special book and some other stuff.

I: What, were you buying B-T stuff in the beginning?

T: Yeah, I was fascinated with their image. I probably first saw them on a tiny feature in a magazine. And when I listened to them I was shocked, because I thought they would be heavy metal or something.

I: Ah.

S: Ah.

T: But it was very pop.

I: They don't have the へ-shaped mouths that heavy metal bands have in pictures. How old were you?

T: I was around 15.

I: Hisashi, what about you?

H: Ah, I was around the same age, I saw them in that magazine, Takarajima.

I: It's now an erotic publication.

H: I also saw a tiny feature, and right after I went and bought 「 Hurry Up Mode 」.

S: Thanks.

I: Amazing! Seems like it was a beginning for rock music. After that you still listened to B-T?

T: Yes. I have all the records at home. Just not the new one. They still have to put it for sale.

H: We even did a copy band.

T: Yeah, that was at a culture festival. I had a part time job at the fair, and my face was very dark, and my hair was very short and I put it all up, like the TRF* DJ guy.
*electronic music band.

I: Ahaha(laughs). Did you color your lips white too?

T: Yes, but it was a failure.

I: By the way, what songs did you do?

T: 『 Fly High 』、and after、『 My Eyes & Your Eyes 』.

I: Ah.

T: I think it was these 2.

I: Did you have two people on guitar?

T: It was me and Hisashi, all of this before we started playing in GLAY.

I: Which of you was Hoshino? (laughs)

T: On my cheek...

I: You wrote on it?

T: Yes, I wrote... I wrote.

I: You wrote "B-T"?

H: No, not "B-T".

T: Neither "Buck-Tick". What I wrote... was a terrible name.

I: I want to hear what it was.

T: Er, I think it's better not. It was... Atomic Bomb.
[spelling 'GENBAKU']

I: It would be better if we hadn't asked.(laughs)

Everyone: (laughs)

I: That was a disappointment!

T: In the middle of GEN and BAKU, I put in an 'infinite' symbol...
[it would look like GEN∞BAKU]

I: Wow, this radio show is turning out to be so cool. What an amazing conversation we're having here...

T: Excuse me! (laughs)

I: But I'm so happy about it! So, you came here, and you have Glay news.

T: Yes, there are. Hisashi-kun, please.

H: Well, in relation to the new single, we'll be releasing it on the 17th. It's our 5th.

I: 5 singles already, aren't you doing things too fast?

H: I also have thought of that, like "Wow, it's already the 5th..."

I: It's the office's policy, I thought so. You know, Yoshiki has a platinum record now too.

S: Ah...

I: Poor people...

S: Why?

I: Just look at that! (laughs) Well, here we are, in this corner we have Glay and Sakurai-san. So, I think this might be our last song for today. I thought we'd play national music, but western music is the climax of our show. So, it's Bob Dylan now, he has recently released an 'unplugged' album, it's very rock'n'roll and I wish you can enjoy this great song from him, it's been around 35 years he's been doing music. Bob Dylan's 『All Along the Watchtower』.

* 『 All Along the Watchtower 』  Bob Dylan *

I: We have listened to 『 All Along the Watchtower 』. By the way, the bassist of band Blank Jet City has the lyrics of this song tattooed on his arm. This is a well known story. And now we are reaching the conclusion of our show, everyone, thank you so much.

S: Thank you.

I: Well, for now since we have the opportunity, I'd like to have you two tell me what you thought. Glay first, please.

H: Ok, eh... I'd like you to invite me at another time.

I: Ok. I'll invite you properly, your booking will be made whether you want it or not.

H: (laughs)

T: For this show, it's done forcedly?

I: Before they even know it, we bring our guests here.

H: Ah, that's good...

I: So, Takuro-san, what about you?

T: Next week, I'll be waiting to hear of all the faxes and letters sent to Ichikawa-san.

I: (laughs)

T: Please send a lot of them!

I: Ok. Well, I think the fans are happy, I feel it. Sakurai-san, today was a busy day, wasn't it.

S: Thank you.

I: In the early days, Sakurai-san was branded as 'not good enough for radio', but now he's done plenty of it. This is really cool.

S: I owe it all to you, Ichikawa-san.

I: Ahaha (laughs). So, this show is already getting around 3 hours long. Everyone is exhausted. So, please everyone, send us many things. We're waiting for everyone's postcards. Guest requests, funny stories, support messages to the Giants, what songs you'd like to hear, if you have heard a song but don't know what it is, we can look it up for you. And, anything else. And also please, subscribe here [address info]. So, I guess from now on, I'll make a phone call to Imai Hisashi.

S: (laughs)

I: With that said, your companion is Ichikawa Tetsushi of 「 Ongaku to Hito 」 magazine. See you!

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