1996 - ?

That Buck-Tick has entered the studio right on time. That°«s surely an achievement for them. The staff looked very relieved.

And now, if I°«ve seen well from the pictures, Imai-san now has a gold and brown dreadlocks hairstyle.
°»He looks like he could be on TRF*°… everyone around us was saying, it was a shock.
*electronic music group
The manager said that he was ordered to go buy Wella hair dye (A day later, when we were talking to J, the hair color had already changed, and in the truth TRF was the cause of this).

That day, during the photo-shoot break, all of them were interviewed personally, and everyone was drinking many cups of coffee. And later, when we interviewed all of them together, they all had an intense headache because of it. They were unable to sleep, so that was why the drank so much. Naturally we were worried, and then several hours later we ended it.

°»At mid-day, from that onwards, a new day starts°… the band and staff now looked very awake and we went to their favorite bar.
Interview time(regrettably this interview wasn°«t put in the magazine), cheery Yuta-san was still in sleepy mode, and Yagami-san was having an enthusiastic conversation with the editor-in-chief. The other side, usually expresionless Imai-san was grinning, if only a little. When the time at the bar ended, we went to his house. And when we least expected it, the clock was already marking 7 in the morning.

Well, since the combination of these two has happened, for everyone of our readers, here is the expected results of that night.

These two were drinking from the photo-shoot part (When the picture was being taken, J°«s face turned red and Imai was laughing about it) to the interview part of course! Everything from beer to chinese sake°ń

But, the tape recorder was turned and it stopped°ń

Ken-san, designer, was also there. This was like the gathering of the strongest ever trio. Like this, we went to (illegible). A favorite bar! There was °»B-T°… written of the bottle of Four Roses. Even though no one said anything it came out like that.

Yesterday Imai and Ken-san were here as well. Cheers! They drank everything after 15 minutes(laughs). I don°«t know how many hours passed, but before we knew, Imai-san°«s eyes were like they were saying °»Let°«s go home°…. So, we crowded the manager°«s car, as 6 people.

It doesn°«t need to be said that it was over the limit as we were in 6, and to make things worse the manager°«s driving was disastrous°ń But we arrived safely at Imai Household.

We were welcomed by pet dog BJ. Lick! lick! but also°ń bite! bite! Imai had to scold BJ around 5 times to stop biting us. But soon after, BJ was there again, playful. While we all were thinking °»Cute°…, before we knew it, BJ was already sleeping. °»Hey wake up, come back°…, J was saying, and when I looked at the clock it was already 7.

As expected, is there any doubt that Imai-san arrived late for the photo-shoot?

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