House & Room style
Gothic Lolita Bible vol.4


Residing in Tokyo, musician.
Since his solo debut in 1996, besides his musical career, he participated in TV, theatre, and cinema in a wide variety.
Last year in September he released the album '2001'.
In March of this year, he appears in the upcoming horror movie "Jisatsu Circle".

Home expenses● Fairly expensive
Bills● Fairly expensive
Electric Bill● Fairly expensive
Food expense● Fairly expensive
Fashion expense● Fairly expensive
Other● Fairly expensive

Main theme
Creepy and cute Rolly style

The classic furniture mixes with a taste of rock, in this 33 square meter room of a gorgeous atmosphere. "Everything that is in this room is a presentation of myself".
Crystals, skeletons, and all kinds of charmingly mysterious things can be found here.
"I like what is scary, questionable things. I like to make everyone think that they wouldn't like to live here".

The 3 skeletons were part of a TV show set.
Originally there were 4 of them, but the other was given to the other show participant.

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