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Paul was in Japan December last year, and once again stole the hearts of young girls~. Even though he doesn°«t look like so, we can say with confidence Paul is actually a boy and he is also very kind. Besides, we were requested for his own opinions and self-comments. Such a lovely boy he is, Paul himself talks about his childhood and stories from his youth~

When I was a child, my mother was very young.
I was born in Barnsley, a small town in Yorkshire, far from London. I lived there until I was 18. My father and mother are also from Yorkshire. Both were married at the age of 20. I have an older brother(Gary) and a younger sister. My older brother is 24 years old and my sister is 11 years old. One would expect me to have taken most influence from my brother since there isn°«t a big age difference, but it°«s the opposite contrary.

My sister and I like music, but Gary likes football, he°«s a sports fanatic. As for me, when it comes to sports, I don°«t like them at all. My mother and I look very similar. I look more like my mother°«s side of the family. But my brother and sister look more like my father. It°«s mostly our face shapes.
My mother is very quiet, but she°«s also very kind. When I was little, my mother and I were always together. I hated the experience of the first school day, it was very awful for me°ń

I was depressed on the first day of school. It was my first experience in being all on my own, separated from my parents. Such lonely feelings, for the first time. Besides, I was going to school with different kids than the ones from my neighbourhood.

I went to °∆England°«s Church School°«[please note this is a literal translation and the school name might not be correct~] and everyone else was going to another school. so, i didn°«t know anyone, it was very scary. My school had opened only three years before though, so everything was very new and it was a good institution. But it was just as big as a regular school. The church had direct supervision over it, and it was a very religious place. Pastors were our teacher and every week we attended mass. But I felt free, it was a good place.

My parents, thinking of me, chose that school for me, even though at the time I wanted to go to another school with my friends. but now, looking back, I think my parents°« choice was excellent. I always had great education there.

Even today, I°«m still a shy person. As a child, When I went to school for the first time, the other children all seemed to be very brave. On the second day, I was alone all day, but then I gradually made some friends. when i was 11, I moved schools. The second school was much more strict. I had no freedom at all. Making friends was really hard, I had to start all over again.

At the second school we had a sports day every friday. We had to play football, but I°«m terrible at it. I think I skipped many days because I didn°«t like it. But at least I liked running. but still, I°«m not really a fast runner.

A few years later, we had the choice to either do music or sports in school. I chose to do music and that was the first time I started learning an instrument. I learnt piano, flute and triangle. These are basic instruments, but it was very fun. Thinking about it now, everyone played just as they liked so it was a huge noise mess. But I enjoyed these days!

My grades in school were just a little above the average. I hated my school uniform, by the way°ń It was all blue with black shoes and a necktie. On the way, I always altered something of it. When I was little, my mother always bought me clothes and I always said that i disliked them. But it was worse in school. Also, at the second school I had problems with my hair length. My teacher hated it so I always had to wear it up in a ribbon.

Well, another thing that happened when I was small and I remember well was about a school play. I was 11 years old, and I was in a play called °»Christmas Carol°…. I was in the role of °»Tiny Tim°…. My parents were also coming to see it and I rehearsed it to perfection and I awaited eagerly for the big day. But, when the day came, I overslept! The play was about to start, and I was perfectly late! I ran through the school yard. It was winter and we had snow on the day before and the ground was slippery°ń I fell with my face to the mud. Well, after that, I don°«t remember how I arrived. It was very miserable for me, though. It was a total tragedy!

When it was Christmas time, we went to a department store and Santa Claus was there. On the left side of his chair°«s armrest there were bells attached there, one of the boys and one for the girls. When a child approached him, he would press the button and then give out a present. But when I came to get my present, guess what button he pressed? the one for girls! I remember feeling very disappointed back then, you know?

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