Questions About This Site

当サイトに掲載された情報については、充分な注意を払っておりますが、その内容の正確性等に対して、一切保障するものではありません。 また、当サイトの情報を利用した結果について一切の責任を負いません。

This is a fan site. The translations are unofficial. I do not profit from this site or translating.
I can not guarantee any accuracy.
I may remove and alter contents of the site without advance notice.
I am not the original author, I just translate texts.
Copyrights belong to the original authors.

Can I repost your translations on Facebook or any other site?
I only ask you to link back to the index page, please.

Can I translate your translations to another language?
Yes, like above, I only ask you to link back to the index page, please.

Can I request a translation?
It depends on my schedule.
It depends on material(longer features will take longer).
That is, if you have the original text or a high quality scanned image of the text.
(Of course, if it is related to a band or musician!)
If you wish, I will give you credit for the original text contribution.

Where are the pictures from?
The scans illustrating the translation are in most part, from livejournal jrockscans community.
Some are also not sourced, found in the internet.
If you see a picture that is your scan that you wish removed, please contact me.

How can I contact you?
I think it's easier to reach on me on my tumblr rather than email. I forget to check it all the time, oops.
my tumblr
Though we have a page, I don't have or use facebook.
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