FOOL'S MATE VOL.118 (excerpt)

The scene used for the new album°«s TV spot was an idea proposed by Yoshiki himself and a filming staff in a secret meeting.
Maybe it is something that many fans will find hard to forgive.
But, rather than following expectations, he decided for this without hesitation, as an artist. To be included in a 15 second only CM, the scene in particular being several seconds shorter, Yoshiki himself settled this scene as essential to depict the emotion of rivalry °∆Jealousy°«.

That was a cloudy day. There was a large number of reporters, photographers, cameras, staff, and the place was an outdoors studio.
There, the kiss scene happened. If it were any other person, there would be some hesitation. But for him, to assist him in these few seconds of acting in this work, to capture the feeling of °∆jealousy°«, practicing is a must.
As the reporters and staff calmed down, the filming began.

I won°«t write the details of the many times they kissed in that moment. The only impressions left with me were of him when concentrating, closing his eyes and with a expression of loneliness/sadness. And the other impression was, to make his partner relax, he was constantly telling her light jokes and lively explaining the setting of the filming in perfect fluent english to her, showing gentle consideration.

The song that repeated, while the filming was taking place, is the last song from the new album, °»Say Anything°….
°…Only living inside dreams
Wet by the never ending rain
The bright light of dreams stain these tears°ń
These lyrics are certainly appropriate for this sweet scene.


In July 1, the new album from X, °»Jealousy°…, went on sale.
By the time this issue is published, a heavy advertising campaign may be all over TV°ń The reason I°«m saying this all of a sudden is because the contents of this article will be the report of a TV Spot filming I went to. This filming was scheduled in June 19, a Wednesday, past 6 PM. Of course it was a X only thing. Even though it was a filming that day, there were a lot of journalists and mass media groups attending.

By the way, the place us journalists and mass media were set up, was at a outdoors studio, we were informed that there were many filming materials ready at the °∆fake outdoors°« scenery. This time we also had the notice from the X staff that this filming was Yoshiki only. And the rumors started, some saying that it would be °»a scene involving Yoshiki°… and some said it would be °»a kiss scene°….

Maybe 40 minutes after our arrival, eventually the staff explained to us the plans for this session. °»It°«s a filming session for the TV spot featuring the new album Jealousy. Today, casting as Yoshiki°«s partner, Loretta, was chosen by Yoshiki himself who attended the auditions. This filming is a kiss scene with Yoshiki.°…, they explained°ń
The rumors were true.

Following that, there was a camera rehearsal with substitute actors, at about one hour after our arrival, the skies were dark, starting to surround us with the night, perfect for a love scene. In this favorable timing, wearing a black jacket, black pants(By the way, these are the ones with a cut in the half behind part) and black boots, virtually covered in black, Yoshiki arrives together with Loretta.

After a while of preparations, the filming began. The setting for the scene that day was of heavy rain falling down as Yoshiki and Loretta are embraced and then kiss. Also, the song chosen to play in the finished work's background is °∆Say Anything°« from the new album.

As the two are ready, the staff uses a hose to make the rain fall down. And then, the director signals, °»Ready, 5,4,3,2,1, Action°…, and the filming starts. Embraced charmingly, Yoshiki quietly whispers to her. When they begin to softly kiss°ń Cut!

As the staff check the scene once, Yoshiki and the staff discuss about this and that. Then, once again, in the same way, the filming resumes. Yoshiki explains the details to Loretta in english. As the °»Action!" is signaled, the two start the scene again. Once again embracing and exchanging a kiss.

Never giving in to compromise, Yoshiki and the director frequently look at the monitor to check the completed scenes, as they are discussing details, this scene is repeated for 3, 4 times. Contrary to Yoshiki°«s enthusiasm, an OK scene doesn°«t seem to happen. Now, once again, staring at the monitor, Yoshiki discusses with staff. Then, they decide to have a break and after proceed to film the 5th time.

Until now, the shooting session has happened without background music, and to set the mood for the two, from now the BGM will be °»Say Anything°…. As the time to film the 5th time approached, it slowly began to rain, soaking the skin and slowly turning into a stronger rainfall.
Cut! Filming well into the 7th time, for now, the outline scenes(full body scenes, waist up scenes) are OK. However, they haven°«t been able to create a °∆real°« kiss scene, and now the cameras have to face up, in a challenging way.
Taking an interval from filming again, Yoshiki prepares for the 8th time. Meanwhile, the rain has become so strong, that we think the hose isn°«t needed any more, the rain is so strong to make the two of them completely wet.
°…Ready - Action°…. Once again, the two passionately embrace and passionately exchange a kiss. °ń But the staff are not yet satisfied and demand the 9th °»Action°….
As a whole, the shooting session is 80% complete, yet, this up kiss scene for some reason, is taking Yoshiki and the staff too long to give an OK. One more time, Yoshiki and the staff talk for a long time about it and proceed.

For the 10th time, the setting changed into Yoshiki with one knee drawn up, as Loretta is lying down. But once again, they change back to the sensual kiss scene.
°…Wait°…. The filming stops for a moment as Yoshiki requests. Breathing deeply, his spirit is restored, and he is ready to step back into the world of the self.

Sensually, but intensely they continue to kiss. The scene this time goes on for a long time. Many and many times, the cameras keep revolving around Yoshiki. Without minding the cameras, Yoshiki and Loretta continue to kiss.
°…Cut! OK!°…
Putting it in terms of time, the scene does not go more than 1 minute, but to those who watch it, they would at least think it goes on for about 5 or even 10 minutes, as the viewer is dragged into this world flooding with tension.

It has been 1 hour and half since the filming started. The hard work of film has ended. Well well, I overheard this information from the staff, but it seems like from the 10th scene onwards, Yoshiki and Loretta weren°«t simply pressing their lips together, but going as far to deep kiss, tongue and all, to make it more real. Because of that, it has a feel of strangeness to the sensuality of the work. Well, whether this is true or not, make sure you watch this TV spot with your eyes wide open.

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