YOSHIKI - Interview (Excerpt)
SHOXX Vol.8 1992

Interview: Akemi Ohshima
Photography: Hideo Kanno

Now, in this timing and with this title(°»Heading to Destruction°…), won°«t it make people worried?
What, what, this timing°ń(laughs)
Aren°«t people spreading rumors on their own? Did you hear about anything?

Yes. I°«ve heard a lot of rumors.
Since when we were in America people have been saying the band is breaking up.
It°«s something that°«s around even before we went to America.

X is the kind of band that has a lot of these break up rumors, right?
It°«s not just limited to us, but to any band that is successful. I°«m already more on the °∆I don°«t care°« side.

Have you, yourself heard of these rumors?
Sometimes, yeah. But it°«s because this kind of thing is said since the early days of X. People always ask °»Are you breaking up?°…. So, when the band got bigger, we got more fans and with that, more people to ask it. But, there seem to be people who like spreading this kind of rumor. I don°«t worry about it at all, so I just think that they should do what they like and that°«s all(laughs).
But since I started the V2 project, these rumors have grown too. It°«s something that°«s been around for a while but just now the timing was unexpected. And then also, unexpectedly, the title for the Tokyo Dome lives is °»Heading towards destruction°…, and even though I think it added a kind of weight, it has no relation to anything. There°«s no basis for that too. More than saying °»Isn°«t that band going to break up°…, I would rather have people speculate °»They might break up°… with suspense.

You disappeared for an entire month.
A lot of people misunderstood that, because it doesn°«t mean I stopped all activity for the band.
If people who thought I disappeared were wondering what I°«m doing°ń We°«re recording.
Now, we°«re finishing what will be our next album °»Art Of Life°….

Will it be the same way as °»Jealousy°…?
Same. Just that now, we are working on it in America. How they are going to do it is fine by me, since they°«ll do it properly. But some fans don°«t understand what this means. When we said on stage °»The 5 of us are now unstoppable°…, wasn°«t that an answer? There is no need for explanations, right? The people who keep thinking we°«ll break up, then they are free to make X break up in their minds. That°«s what I°«m thinking, recently. Now, I°«m at a hotel, but right after I came back from LA, the phone in my house was ringing. And it was someone crying on the phone saying °»Is the band breaking up?°…, saying °»Stop it please°….

Huh, who was it on the phone?
A fan. Hearing that, it really hurt me. It even worried me about the band breaking up(laughs).

But, because X has grown to these proportions, the rumors can°«t be stopped either, right?
It doesn°«t feel to me it°«s grown. We haven°«t changed from when we started. Conversely, our actions have become bolder and we are much more sharp than in the past, I think. A lot of fear has increased, but a lot of what we feared disappeared. But, to come to where we are now, I don°«t think there°«s anything left to fear. Anything that should come our way. Whatever!!

Hey, hey. (laughs)
I mean, this is truly the way I feel.


So, you don°«t have a °»normal person day to day°… kind of life?
Not at all. The closest thing to one is°ń I°«m studying for some tests. Studying a lot.

What are you studying?
English°ń Piano°ń And anything else.

Are you taking singing lessons?
That is a secret(laughs).

A secret?
Ah, but, it°«s ok if you publish it. (laughs) Recently°ń I°«m not attending. That was only for the beginning.
When we record, I°«m constantly in supervision of the vocal recording.
When Toshi lost his voice, that was something that looked really painful for me.
It was something that I had to know how hard it was, so we went to doctor°«s place.
There, his voice began to return unexpectedly.
Well, it doesn°«t mean that I want to sing(laughs).

At the Nissin Power Station, you said °»I°«m hopeless°….
I°«m hopeless(laughs).

It°«s the truth(laughs).

But when you did it, you seemed like you could sing. Even after saying you are hopeless, people didn°«t believe you, right?
I don°«t believe in hundreds of people. Even I, myself don°«t know.
Any way, I won°«t sing.
I°«ll leave this singing business to Toshi!

Earlier you said about studying like studying for a test. Does that mean you have a time limit?
No, that°«s not what I meant. Just that I wanted to study. It makes me calm.
If there are many subject in a fast tempo, I can learn them on my own better.
If I have the chance to take 1 year of free time, I°«d like to go to university. If I could, I would study abroad.

That is, to study music?
Yes. If somehow X reached a point to take a break, I would really like to go to university.
Then, Now°ń Ah, I better stop here.

What, you stopped mid-sentence(laughs).
Well, truth is, this year I decided to take the first level of eiken*. So, I°«m studying desperately.
But saying that, I don°«t have any time to study other than when I°«m on car, going to a place from other°ń
Ah, I said it. That was meant to be a secret(laughs).
[* english proficiency test. usually, first stage is a written test, second stage is a spoken test.]

Like always, the super busy Yoshiki(laughs).
But when I°«m studying, it makes me calmer than when I have nothing to do.


Because you are busy recently, isn°«t it that you don°«t have time to compose?
Basically, I write a song once in an year.
And, I°«m always writing here and there.
There°«s always the time when I°«m composing, as I have the piano in the hotel.
When recording, if I gather all the songs I have, it means that I°«m composing constantly.

Piano in a hotel? Are you without a home now?
Yes. I quit living at the place I was before, so now I°«m living hotel to hotel°ń

Doesn°«t that put an extra emotional weight on you?
Yes, maybe it does.
Because it°«s a hotel after all. Different from my house.
Maybe I can°«t feel truly at ease.

What about food?
Basically, I only eat at outside places.
But, since it°«s extravagant, it°«s all right(laughs).
I°«m°ń annoying when the subject is food(laughs).

I know. At the dressing room at Nissin Power Station, I saw your food.
There were around 10 plates on the table, and they were of western food, japanese food, chinese food, noodles, various kinds.

Yes, yes. I eat in quantity too.
I eat breakfast, lunch and dinner and also eat between.
I eat a lot, but that°«s since a long time ago.

What do you eat between meals?
Chocolate°ń I°«ve asked before °»Don°«t give me chocolate°…. Because I really love it.
When I was a child, I ate too much chocolate and I had to be taken away in an ambulance(laughs).
I love it to that extent, but truth is, I can°«t eat it because of doctor°«s order.
It°«s no good, when I start eating chocolate, I can°«t stop.
And when I eat it, my skin suffers too(laughs). I do what I can to not eat it.

I don°«t think chocolate suits your image(laughs).
It does°ń There°«s been times when we°«re on tour and I go out and buy a lot of chocolate.
And then everyone says °»Why didn°«t you buy it before the tour?°… and then I explain that °»Ah, but you know, this brand°ń°…(laughs).
So now, I say to staff and fans °»Don°«t have chocolate in front of me please°… (while saying that, Yoshiki reached for a Kit Kat on the table).

You say that but aren°«t you eating one now? (laughs)
A Kit Kat is ok. Because there°«s fewer chocolate parts.
I can eat this and Pocky*.
But, if I don°«t notice it (piling up the Kit Kats like a mountain), I can eat all of them, it°«s dangerous.
After I finish eating them all, I get very regretful.
[* a kind of sweet snack]

So, your book comes out before Valentine°«s Day, so you did write about that.
I°«m begging.
°…I won°«t accept chocolate. Yoshiki.°…
It°«s written properly.

You eat a lot for your meals and you also eat chocolate between them. How can you stay this thin?
I wonder how(laughs). There are some serious theories I am not human.

Yoshiki, an alien?
Yes. When people said that to me, at first I thought, °»What are you even saying°…. but then gradually, I started to think it might be the case.
Who knows, maybe I°«ll return to my planet in 2 or 3 years(laughs).

Where did the °∆non-human Yoshiki°« theories came from?
From trouble with equipment. Like always, I managed to break equipment.
During the V2 project recording, the engineer person said °»I°«ve been working for more than 10 years but this is the first time I°«ve seen something like this°…, it was an outburst°ń

What did you break?
Well, there were a lot of computers. Usually I end up breaking electronic stuff.
Now, even when I come near hide°«s effect set he says, °»Don°«t get too close to my things°….
Also, before, just standing too close to the equipment messed up the data.
So the engineer said °»Sorry, but you°«re going to have to listen to this from a distance°…(laughs).
Well, there°«s a lot more things.

I thought the basis for these theories was the fact that even if you didn°«t sleep, you felt fine. But the truth is that, that is actually hide°«s case, right?
hide doesn°«t sleep a lot either. But, comparatively, he sleeps easier than I.
In the past, we used to sleep in the same room, and he talks when he sleeps.
So when I°«m calling him, °»hide-chan°…, he is already sleeping again in a second(laughs).
If I sleep in a room with other people, until they°«re all sleeping, I can°«t sleep.

So, it must be great trouble to sleep with everyone.
Yes. I°«m an insomniac. Also, a night before a concert, I can°«t sleep.
The day before Tokyo Dome, I didn°«t sleep. I think it°«s all because I°«m timid.

So, it is painful when you can°«t sleep?
Maybe it is, but if I keep on thinking °»it°«s so difficult to sleep°…, then I won°«t sleep at all.
So I try not to think that I won°«t sleep.
Maybe I°«m really not human, with so few sleep and so much food(laughs).

And heavy drinker? (laughs)
I°«m a heavy drinker.
But, the alien theories started with our director and Toshi.

Do you think that about yourself?
Eh, I don°«t know. If I were an alien, that would still be fine.
Alien or not, I want to keep going forward, even if I think I am at my limits.
When I think that I am tired and can°«t do more, I want to keep going.

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