Show: 素敵な恋をしてみたい

Reporter1: Our guest is Yoshiki-san!
Reporter2: Welcome.

(Yoshiki arrives)

Reporter3: Wow, he’s amazing. Like seeing a monster. It’s like going to a zoo and seeing a very rare thing.

Reporter: But you know, outside of a concert your appearance is really different.

Yoshiki: Yes.

Reporter2: But it’s like a lion, this.(grabs his hair)

Reporter: Is it real?

Yoshiki: There’s also extensions.

Reporter2: Oh, he also has a manicure done!(shows his hand)

All reporters: Oh…

Reporter2: We’re looking forward to this. It’s like, you can’t really tell this person from man or woman(audience laughs) But he’s really a man, yeah. Well, let’s listen to one more song and then we’ll talk.


Reporter: This is Yoshiki of X. Today, You’re without the usual stage makeup, yeah.

Yoshiki: Yeah, no stage makeup.

Reporter2: I’d like to see what your eyes are like without any makeup. Well, with your face like this, is it common for people to mistake you as gay or bisexual?

Yoshiki: It happens often.

Reporter2: Like, maybe some can think that you’re a type who has absolutely no interest in women.

Yoshiki: These reactions are very interesting, because it’s usually these tough looking guys.

Reporter2: Really?

Reporter: I had a look at your profile, and when it comes to relationships, I noticed that you’re very… self-willed.

(audience laughs)

Reporter: On your profile, in first place it is work, then 2nd, 3rd and 4th there are personal hobbies and only in 5th place it’s love.

Yoshiki: Yes, it’s like that for love.

Reporter3: So, once in a while you need some… comfort…

Yoshiki: That’s…(laughs)

Reporter2: Sometimes, when you need “relief” then you should do it.
[Not sure how to put this into english, but the way she said it is very obscene, referring to having an orgasm.]

Reporter3: Ah, silly! Don’t say stupid things. I was trying to say the same thing but not as obvious.

Reporter2: What’s wrong, it’s a popular television show!

Yoshiki: This show… what is this show…

Reporter2: You know, as for love being on the 5th place, and you are always very busy with work and such, there’s not so many time to go on dates.

Yoshiki: Yes.

Reporter2: But you still can’t live without love, so maybe then love can be on the 1st place if you can’t stand being without it.

Reporter3: Once in a while, do you take them out for, like, some special… eh…

Reporter2: Sex?

(everyone laughs, Yoshiki faints…(;´∀`))

Reporter2: What’s wrong with you?

Reporter1: This woman is so indecent, isn’t she! I’ll protect you from her(laughs).

Reporter3: Please! But well, what is it like meeting someone you like after a while?

Yoshiki: It’s refreshing.

Reporter2: How often do you go on a date?

Yoshiki: Maybe twice a month.

Reporter2: Two times, every month?!

Reporter3: Even now it’s two times that you go out?

Yoshiki: Yes. Sometimes only once.

Reporter1: But even in the beginning, did you want to go on dates often?

Yoshiki: Yeah. Even in my case that is true.

Reporter3: So during that time you must have self-denial… So you grow accustomed to it.

Yoshiki: No, it’s not like I’m used to it.

Reporter3: Like, I wonder when you ask someone on a date and after that, every time she has to check how much time she has to wait, like, “today it was 5 minutes, 10, 30”… Until it become hours and so on.

(audience laughs)

Reporter2: But yeah, it’s easy to mistake. Like, when you can’t go on a date she might be suspicious you’re making up an excuse to see someone else.

Reporter1: And because you’re very popular too.

Reporter2: Could you say it’s like that?

Yoshiki: It’s like that, yeah.

Reporter2: And however you try to explain, she won’t really believe.

Yoshiki: I don’t try to explain.

Reporter2: No?

Yoshiki: If she wants to distrust me, then go ahead.

Reporter1: Are you a jealous person?

Yoshiki: No.

Reporter1: Not even a little?

Yoshiki: Not at all.

Reporter1: For example, when you see your girlfriend with some other person…

Yoshiki: Ahh, then our relationship is over.

Reporter3: You know because such things often happen-
(everyone laughs)

Reporter1: Like, if he sees his girlfriend cheating on him then instead of getting jealous he’ll just say “ah, it’s over”.

Reporter2: You wouldn’t say anything?

Yoshiki: I’d have nothing to say. I wouldn’t listen, if they wanted to explain.

Reporter1: Even if it’s a really jealous girl, it’s over then?

Yoshiki: Yes. Well, Occasionally, like, once in every 3 or 4, no, 5 years, I fall really hard in love. It’s like I can’t get away from it.

Reporter2: And when it happens it’s like you can’t concentrate on work and such.

Yoshiki: If I’m really into it, I can’t.

Reporter3: And you can say that this kind of love would go up from 5th place to first place.

Reporter2: I think this is a point we all can understand.

Reporter1: Have you ever had this type of affection for someone?

Yoshiki: Yes.

Reporter3: It’s like our viewers are only looking here(points to between his legs) as to search for the answer, “What, when, who?”
[this is not very clear]

(everyone laughs)

Reporter1: When was that?

Yoshiki: When I was a student. There was a girl I liked. That time, there were rock bands like Japan*, they had their look with heavy make up and shaved eyebrows and she liked that appearance.
[* Band from England, known for New Romantic style.]

Reporter2: So she was a high standards girl.

Yoshiki: Yes, but soon I felt alienated. 2 or 3 years after that, I thought that “well this has nothing to do with me” […?] and then it was too late.

Reporter2: Do you think that this girl didn’t care about you?

Yoshiki: Maybe she did, but I just couldn’t keep up with her ideas. I thought I would never have a chance.
[I think he also says this girl changed her mind.]

Reporter1: You know, on a more serious subject, when they say that as you get older, the more you try to dress to fit in with society…

Reporter3: But, look at his hair now, and when it was all up like(gestures X’s standing hair)…

Reporter2: Like this(gestures X’s standing hair)! So what happened?

Yoshiki: After 2 or 3 years, I thought I’d try again, because I liked her. And I confessed to her, but it was no good. There was a bar at Roppongi were we used to drink often and that time we were just talking and I said “I need to tell you something”. And the bar guy kept looking at us in a very speculative way. She rejected me and then later I found out she was actually going out with the bar guy.

Reporters: That’s so strange! I can’t believe it.

Yoshiki: It sounds like it’s a made up story, but it’s true. After that we still met again.

Reporter2: With the same girl?

Yoshiki: Yes. But it was so awkward, that soon it ended. Then again after some 3 years…

Reporter1: Wow, that’s long!

Yoshiki: Yeah. But I had forgot a lot of the things that happened and now I had started X. Like, at a concert after-party, everyone of the band was going with the stage costumes…

Reporter1: With that appearance?!

Yoshiki: And then, just unexpectedly she was there in a distance. I thought “If I talk to her this will turn bad”. And we were dressed very alike, as if we were acquaintances.

Reporter2: So did you talk to her?

Yoshiki: No.

Reporter3: But didn’t she have an eye on you?

Yoshiki: She did but, I think she was also thinking “Don’t talk to me”!

Reporter2: It’s a strange thing, isn’t it? Like you never forget about each other even after so many years.

Reporter3: It’s like, if you’re talking about troubles of love, then you must talk about what has happened before, this sort of thing, or else there is nothing more to say.

Yoshiki: But I really dislike the feeling of disappointed love. It might be a narrow view but, I don’t really try to remember these things any more.

Reporter1: So it was so painful for you that you don’t want to remember it?

Reporter2: Well, talking to you gives me the impression you are very pure hearted.

Reporter1: After that, have you experienced another very intense love?

Yoshiki: After that year, nothing.

Reporter1: In other words, if you ever feel something much more intense than that, then whatever it is, might go up to the first place on your list.

Reporter2: Let me ask you a strange thing… How did you think “I’ll wear makeup”?

Yoshiki: How, I wonder…

Reporter3: Like, was it because of bands like Japan or..

Yoshiki: Ah, yeah yeah.

Reporter3: Being influenced by their impact…

Reporter2: Yeah but, trying to do the make up…

Reporter3: Like did you try to copy the make up, and then you were like “Uwaaa make up feels so good!!”

Reporter2: I think he has a good face, so did you discover how to do it by yourself?

Yoshiki: Yes. Even today I still don’t know some things.

Reporter1: It’s hard not to notice someone dressed like you, walking around.

Yoshiki: I went out in disguise sometimes…

Reporter3: Like wearing a scarf to hide all that hair..

Reporter1: It’s impossible.

Yoshiki: But, I’ve wore a hat, hiding my hair. And that’s a way to disguise myself…

Reporter1: But it would be hard to tell you apart with this level of clothes, you’d have to tone it down.
[I.E., dress in a less fashionable way]

Yoshiki: No, but I really don’t do anything. I go shopping, right, like this, and no one notices me. I go to the supermarket and…

Reporter3: So this is the show-off side of Yoshiki.

(audience laughs)

Reporter1: But, what a sight that would be.

Yoshiki: And then there’s the time when I’m wearing sunglasses, and when I go to radio shows they’re like “Hey, is that Yoshiki?” And then I take the sunglasses off and it’s like “Gaah, here I am”.

Reporter1: Well, that would be exposing yourself, any way that you think about it.

Reporter2: But the shape of his face, you can’t really hide it.

Yoshiki: Yeah, it’s easy to tell.


Reporter2: Well, this is the last, so I think we can call it a day.

Reporter1: I hope you can meet a girl who can take the first place on your list.

Reporter2: Ok, let’s end here. Thank you very much!

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