ŇįĽ“§ő…Ű≤į (Tetsuko's Place)

Translator's note: These are not translated word for word! These are summaries of what they talk about. I originally posted these on my blog for fun, but I think they fit here on the site, very informally. One day I could make a word for word translation, but that takes time.
In any case, have fun reading, they are interesting.

First she introduces him and compliments his shoes and look, talks about the band, that they have filled venues with fans and that when he play drums, his feet move as fast as 800 times in a minute.

He reaches for the cigarettes and she asks him if he likes milk(there°«s a glass of milk and tea on the table).
Yoshiki says he loves milk and he drinks about 2 liters every day(one big pack).

She asks him about the drums and he says sometimes he doesn°«t even remember what he was doing because of the effort, many times it gets to the point he gets so dizzy he can only see white.
They talk a little bit more about instruments he plays, piano and keyboards.

Then they show pictures of X and she asks him to introduce everyone. He starts talking before they put the pictures on screen.
She is surprised when they show Toshi and then Yoshiki says °»But there°«s more!°… and she goes °»ooh!" when they show a picture of hide.
Yoshiki is amused because of her reaction.
"Are you really this surprised?" he says laughing.
She says it must be hard to do their hair like that because it°«s hard to work with wigs so even more how hard it is to do their hair.

She seems to like Taiji because she says he°«s the one with the °∆handsome°« type look.

And then the picture of Yoshiki. She says he looks different there and he says °»It°«s a picture I dislike!°….

They they talk about the upcoming album Blue Blood and he says the name in Japanese, and they discuss a prize the band won and filling venues with fans, when they perform X and everyone makes the X sign and jumps.

Then she comments about how Toshi can sing really high and for a long period of time. Yoshiki says in the past he could sing even higher and he originally played guitar.

Yoshiki takes off his jacket and she compliments his belt.

They talk about the genre of the band. He says it°«s generally hard rock but it feels more like they°«re doing just whatever they feel like and all of their songs are original compositions, but sometimes they cover some songs. Yoshiki says he writes the songs since a long time ago and sometimes the X members also write songs.

Then Yoshiki says he°«s embarrassed of many things (like, putting an X when he has to fill forms of real name, age etc) but he says it°«s not only him but everyone.

She asks things like what Toshi°«s age is and where he is from(24, Chiba). They joke a little about hiding this kind of information.
Yoshiki then says °»Well, if you investigate you will find out!°…

The they talk about since when he has been playing piano. He says he took it because of his parents but he liked it and gradually became to like it even more.

Yoshiki says he was a delinquent type in school. She asks what kind of things he did°ń

"Well, picking a fight with the teachers°ń riding a bike°ń various things"

She asks if he had long hair. He says he did dye his hair at that time. All this in the 3rd year of middle school.

But he liked to study and he liked music as well in that time. She asks if he studied a lot and he says °»not to that extent°…°ń But some of his teachers didn°«t get angry at him for doing delinquent stuff because he studied properly and attended school.

She asks how many hours every day he played piano. He says about 6 hours every day.

He also says that his family didn°«t get too angry at him either for the delinquent stuff and it was more of a liberal household, like °»do what you want°…. But he says he was very resistant, to his teachers and family. They let him do many things he wanted.

She asks about his friends. He says that the closest friends were the band friends and then the other delinquent friends but he also had study friends, that he used to get along with all types of people.

She asks if he smoked in his school days and he tells a story about being found smoking and having to run away from an angry teacher who apparently chased him on the street with hair clippers(!?).

They talk about classical music. And he says about being in the band with Toshi in school and they used to perform at school festivals. And that everyone used to get surprised when he played piano at these performances, even the teachers. They also did get surprised when he played drums too.

She says that it°«s a normal thing to practice piano at home, but where was the place he could practice drums then? He says he did play drums in his room, and it was ok with his family. but when there were guests or his mother°«s friends visiting she asked him to stop.

She asks if anyone in X has sisters of brothers.
And he says he has a brother. And they went to the same school, and all the teachers would keep a close eye on his brother because of Yoshiki°«s reputation.

She comments on how he is so different in person than when she has seen him in other times and how that she learned the lesson of not judging another person°«s appearance. They comment about it is interesting how people can have interesting sides.

CM Break.

Then they talk about the orchestra arrange of Rose of Pain. They play the song.

He talks about how he can write music from studying only(that is, he can write music knowing what it sounds like before playing).

She asks if the song is in english and Yoshiki says it°«s a mix up of english and japanese. He says that he°«d like to do this song with a full orchestra.

They talk about not feeling well when performing fast songs, and Yoshiki says it°«s not only him who gets dizzy but everyone has it because they play with all of their energy. He says he collapsed once and they had to take a break from performing because of a problem with his muscles from drumming. And that he also has problems with asthma but that in the past sometimes he couldn°«t even talk well without having an episode.

Then they show a recording of their concert at Budoukan. She says it must be exhausting to have to keep running between drums and keyboard for some songs.

She says that they don°«t have anymore time left, but she wanted to ask him about how he is doing, living in Paris.

He says he likes it because he can do what he wants because people don°«t know that he is a famous person, but also that people don°«t know if he is a man or woman.

They show some pictures of him there and he says that°«s how he usually dresses every day but even without make up people still get confused.

Yoshiki went on this show another time.

First she comments on how Yoshiki is wearing his hair down.
She says the crazy hair was °∆sea urchin hair°« and that now he wasn°«t with the sea urchin hair.

When she introduces him she talks about how he can play drums as fast as eight hundred times, his feet only and the topics they will talk about. Yoshiki is in Japan for work, and he came back as quietly as possible to avoid any type of fan panic, but yet he is on television. Then she starts the interview commenting about the name X(how it can mean differently in America) and he says they changed it to X Japan because there is already a band in America with the name X.
Then she talks a little more about basic stuff like that there are 5 people in the band, the album names etc°ń

Then he comments about the Starlight Yoshiki dolls, they are the same as Rika-chan dolls, there are 3 variations and 3 costumes, red, black and silver°ń

She asks him about going to London and if there was anything interesting. He says he recorded with the London orchestra in February of that year with George Martin who is Beatles producer and they performed songs that are on his Eternal Melody album. He says the place(A studio inside a church) they recorded was a beautiful place and then they show a small video.

Yoshiki says he tried to work with various orchestral groups but the London orchestra was the one he liked best. Tetsuko says the times have changed because before it was a difficult thing for a japanese artist to have songs performed by foreign orchestras.

Yoshiki stutters when he says the album name too fast. She asks if he wished he could produce and write the orchestra arrange all by himself. He says he°«s practicing a little of violin and studying orchestra music arrangement and that he would like to try doing it all by himself.

Then they talk about living in Hollywood. He°«s studying english, and recording. He loves japanese food, so he hired a person to cook japanese food so he can eat it every day, but it°«s hard to find some ingredients.

Then they comment about how foods are different abroad, Tetsuko says she went to Africa and New York and she saw a really big eggplant and pumpkins and that in Japan you only see them in cute small sizes.
(Personal note: This is true! It may sound strange. Once my grandmother planted american pumpkins and it was the first time I saw real giant pumpkins like those used in halloween decorations.)

Then she comments that his hair is really long and Yoshiki says he also had extensions done. Then he shows how long his real hair is actually. She grabs his hair and comments it was well done. Then she asks about how people perceive him in such way and he says that he doesn°«t look like a japanese person a lot any more.

She says that in fans and people the know who he is, will of course recognize him. But if someone who doesn°«t know who he is looks at him, they will mostly likely keep staring.

Yoshiki says it°«s become hard for him to go out, but normally he doesn°«t really wear make up and that he likes to wear trendy/fashionable clothes.

Then, they talk about his perfume brand. She says she was surprised because it°«s a really good perfume, and it°«s a good scent for either men or women, and a strange thing is that it smells of foreign people. She asks how it was produced.

Yoshiki says he went to Paris to work on this perfume and that there were so many choices of scents that it was difficult to choose but he picked a lot of different scents he liked. It took about a year and half to make it.

The perfume is called LARME and in french it means °∆TEARS°«. She comments that he really seems to like this word°ń

She sprays some more of it and says that it is suitable for anyone, man or woman, and Yoshiki says he had this intention. She says it°«s a sexy scent. And he says there is some of rose scent and he likes that but it°«s not really a sweet smell perfume.

Yoshiki says he loves perfumes, and that he°«s been using and collecting perfumes and cologne since his school days. Tetsuko asks if he used his mother°«s perfumes but he says he°«s had his own.

Testsuko says she really likes the perfume but it°«s difficult to describe, like doing a food tv show, when eating the food you can°«t really describe to the viewers how the food is like.

Then they start talking about his underwear design brand for women. Yoshiki says he wanted to design something that was of his own style.

After the CM Tetsuko says she is still thinking about the perfume.

Yoshiki says that it°«s also a perfume of the °∆future°«, future was also one of the themes he thought about for it. She says it°«s a very refreshing smell, kind of like water.

She shows one of the pieces of the underwear designs. There°«s some lacy parts with roses. She is embarrassed to show some of the pieces and that it would be proper to show them on a night tv show.

She shows a catalog with more pieces. He says he likes them all but he was worried about what he was going to do at first.

She asks if he ever looked at the women°«s underwear section at department stores and he laughs and says no, but he thinks his designs will be all right.

She says it°«s interesting he does so many other things besides music.

Yoshiki says living in Hollywood is scary sometimes. He and Testuko discuss the dangers of LA. He says he watch the news every day and there°«s always something going on.

Yoshiki says that as a japanese person, he wanted to go to America to expand his view of the world and be successful in what he does.

There°«s another CM break and they talk about some upcoming appearances. She asks him what kind of instruments he has played and then about drums. He says every time he performs it leaves him exhausted and that he has gone to the hospital because of extreme exhaustion(the word they use here is specifically of the phenomenon of death because of work exhaustion).

And that every concert is around 3 hours and that every time he plays he loses around 2 or 3 kilos, more because of sweating and because the stage lights are too hot.

She asks how it is to see everyone of X after a long time and he says he gets very shy, they are a strange band, and they just really have small talk like °»how are you°… and such.

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